Year Agency Founded: 2013



Andy Seibert

Business Development Director

Ken Williams

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Branding, Direct Mail, Journey Mapping, Media Buying, Media Planning,Podcasts, Public Relations, Sales Activation, Social Media



Full time employees: 15

Part time employees: 20

75% Financial clients by billing

70% financial clients by roster

Current financial/insurance clients:  Athene USA, AXA, Millennium Trust, T. Rowe Price, UBS, Visa, Wells Fargo

Financial/insurance clients within the past three years: AYCO, Bank Leumi, Chase, Denver Investments, Fifth Third Bank, Janus Henderson, Legg Mason, Lincoln Financial Group, Merrill Lynch, TIAA-CREF


We help clients build meaningful relationships with their customers through actionable and measurable content.



Imprint was launched almost five years ago with a particular focus on content strategy, development and marketing in the complex and highly-regulated financial services industry. Within two years, our talented creative, editorial and strategy teams immediately jumped to a leadership position in this sector. How has Imprint left its mark so quickly? Stepping back to look at the clients we have and the programs that our clients have brought us, we found a strong common element: The majority of our clients challenged us with programs which involve complicated content distribution systems and selling systems. They trust us to understand their ecosytems, and how content must flow across and down them. We are small, but we go big. In our financial services practice, we provide insights and guidance for over 14 million individual and institutional investors, and we expect that to grow, as in the past year alone, we have built new relationships with Wells Fargo, UBS, AXA, Visa and others. We are: • Relentlessly challenging the norm • Rapidly expanding across financial services • Delighting clients with a nimble, yet high-quality approach • Obsessed with results


How we are innovating and raising the bar for the entire financial services industry: • We have a strong point of view founded upon years of experience and expertise. • We listen to our clients and ensure their goals are not just met, but exceeded. • We deliver a set of unique service offerings. Both our VISTA content monitoring practice and our Brand Newsroom study provide clients with the strategic knowledge necessary to stay ahead of the curve and adapt to the constantly changing content marketing landscape. • We start digital first and use interactivity whenever appropriate. But we are not afraid about mixing in print, as it is still highly engaging for certain audiences. • We ensure that our clients get the most effective content that is well informed and built on strategy. • We never rest on our laurels. Through persistent measurement and analysis, we are constantly looking to improve and enhance the programs we create.



450 West 14th Street

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Business Development Director

Ken Williams

(646) 780-8789


T. Rowe Price

T. Rowe Price and Imprint are committed to delivering the best content marketing experience in order to achieve—and exceed—our goals. And sometimes, that means having difficult discussions and challenging one another. An example is Imprint’s willingness to continually push and encourage TRP to showcase their thought leadership through new, engaging and interactive formats. TRP has had exceptional success with traditional content programs, but, since the launch of their online content hub, Insights, TRP has had the opportunity to drive further engagement through diversification in content format and medium. Together, Imprint and TRP challenge complacent thinking and push to evolve, always in the name of improving results. In analyzing TRP’s target audience, a need became evident for a digital first content strategy that allows for more interactive, easily digestible content, driving readers toward immediate action. Imprint dove head first to help bring innovation to Insights in the form of consumer-friendly content delivered through new story-telling formats. An excellent example of innovation is the “Do You Act Your (Savings) Age?” interactive quiz. Instead of simply reading research results, users are encouraged to interact with content, get self-selected results, see how they compare to peers, and receive tips pertinent to their generation. The quiz demonstrates how TRP has started to embrace and push themselves to find new and engaging ways to repackage and deliver their proprietary thought leadership and research. Our successful partnership has helped create a force and energy that is leading to both culture change and content marketing acumen.


The strategy of Athene’s “Discover Your More” program was built upon a need Imprint saw in the retirement planning and annuities marketplace to connect emotional goals with financial goals as a means to drive retirement planning and enthusiasm among consumers. Discover Your More was designed to help Athene agents bridge the gap between what will bring their prospective and existing clients happiness in retirement and the products that can support those dreams. It’s a new way to sell annuities that aligns with what Athene’s customers think about retirement. We developed six retirement personas using Athene’s proprietary research, then created a multi-platform content experience that provides agents with the tools they need to help their clients define clear emotional goals. This approach allows clients to get an insightful, holistic look at retirement, while agents get more high-quality, nurtured relationships that grow their bottom line. We also developed an interactive quiz to help consumers discover their retirement persona. It was promoted via social media and through an existing Athene e-newsletter program. The quiz also served as a tool that agents could use during their meetings with clients. Feedback from participating Athene agents has been extremely positive: • 83.3% said the concept was a great idea that would drive excitement and get more people thinking about retirement. • 62.5% said the program, would help build better relationships with their clients and would add value by helping them plan emotionally for retirement.