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Year Agency Founded: 2000

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Founder / CEO

Andrew Wagner

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Branding, Business-to-Business, Business-to-Consumer, Digital Customer Acquisition, Digital-Data Warehousing & Analytics, Digital Go to Market Strategy, Digital Marketing, Direct Response, Media Mix Planning - Buying – Execution



Full time employees: 14

Part time employees: 0

90% Financial clients by billing

75% financial clients by roster

Current financial/insurance clients: Capital One, One Main Financial, ditech Financial,LLC, SECU

Financial/insurance clients within the past three years: One Main Financial, SECU


Leveraging eighteen years of field tested digital media and analytics execution, Blacklight /MA partners with FinServ brands to engineer, execute and profitable scale their digital acquisition channel resulting in marketing executions that operate “In the Black”. We excel at architecting experiments to shorten learning curves and making them more efficient.



In 2017, Blacklight /MA delivered against our core principles “standing up” the digital acquisition channel for One Main Financial, a public company and leader in the personal loans space. We choose to spotlight this accomplishment because this execution continuum represents that best of what Blacklight /MA provides to a FinServ brand. Thoughtful strategy, concise financial contribution modeling by media discipline, marcom technology implementation, detailed execution, baseline data collection and scale roadmap development. We at Blacklight /MA feel this systemic development of a channel is what defines our practice as a top financial services agency in the digital space. Core principles: 1. Architect for Success 2. Shorten Learning Curves and make them more Efficient 3. Execute with Rigor 4. Surface Deep Data and make it Actionable 5. Know the clients business we can see the Opportunity​.



One Main Financial

Audience development, management and deployment are key tactics in the digital media space. Continued product development innovation in audience creation and audience deployment has allowed for the execution of a cross media experiment for One Main Financial that delivered success. A direct mail veteran, One Main Financial has the basic framework to allow for the creation of an experiment that can assess how direct mail response rates could be lifted by delivering display impressions against the cookies of the direct mail deciles that were mailed. Leveraging the Acxiom /LiveRamp infrastructure, direct mail audiences where matched to cookies in LiveRamp and then activated against Doubleclick cookies to reach defined audience with display media. The LiveRamp “IdentityLinkTM” product allows for the experiment to deploy so we could learn if the test cell could achieve lift vs a control hold out.


Blacklight /MA

33 Irving Place - 3rd Floor New York, New York 10003

Andrew Wagner

(646) 838-4241

Ditech Financial, LLC

Ditech Financial, LLC required a clear understanding of the contribution and performance of digital media before they invested in the digital media required to relaunch their brand. Models were generated allowing for an analysis of contribution to mortgage origination by month by digital marketing discipline: brand search, non-brand search, organic search, display retargeting, display acquisition, lead generation, rate table, affiliate, other. These models were materially versioned and allowed for assumption change analysis and their impact on the business topline and contribution of marketing discipline. The team considered and analyzed the impact of brand awareness on organic business origination vs aided business and assessed the changes in those contributions based on the weight of marketing spend. The model also allowed the team to assess the impact of the maturing of the mortgage processing infrastructure as well as sales team capacity. It was clear that the marketing execution could overwhelm the processing capacity if we did not develop the correct strategic approach and media mix sequencing allowing for the throttling of marketing spend to assure consistent close rates.



Proficiency in complex direct response execution demonstrates how Blacklight /MA innovates for the FinServ brands we lead digitally. Our engineering culture is core to the development and deployment of a complex control test sandbox in a media space that continues to bring innovative products to the table for client testing. It is this culture and application of scientific method that raises the bar. We have to architecture, data warehouse, extract and analyze. This is a bar raiser to those who “buy media” or outsource the buy side without aggressive oversight and assurance to execution considerations and requirements.


Blacklight /MA has been the recipient of numerous awards from the Grammercy Institute including 2015 Strategy Awards for Best Strategy: Domestic & Single Country as well as Best Strategy: Global and Multi-Country. Additionally, Blacklight /MA was named to the Grammercy Institute 2015 Most Valuable Partners.