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Year Agency Founded: 2012

An Independent Agency



Tom Steadman

Managing Director



Branding, Business-to-Business, Business-to-Consumer, Creative, Design, Digital Marketing, Direct Mail, Direct Response, Film/Video Production, Media Buying, Media Planning, Strategy



Full time employees: 8

Part time employees: 2

45% Financial clients by billing

33% financial clients by roster

Current financial/insurance clients: Fisher Investments

Financial/insurance clients within the past three years: BlackRock, E*Trade, Astoria Bank


IPNY is a brand positioning and messaging company that grows your business both creatively and measurably. IPNYwas founded by seasoned partners who were senior executives from major ad agencies such as Ogilvy, Doremus, Grey and Wunderman working on financial brands including TD Ameritrade, American Express, Allstate, Ally Bank, Shearson, Citibank, MasterCard, JP Morgan/Chase, Rabobank and TIAA/CREF. We are passionate marketers, bent on getting results and making an impact. We don’t work on jeans, diet sodas, etc. because we embrace the challenge of the complex, and that’s what financial services is. We have a track record of driving success for our clients including, IPNY’s online campaign for E*TRADE which helped drive the number of active trader sign ups, our work for Fisher Investments had an extremely high success rate and our brand campaign for Astoria Bank solidified core deposits so extensively and effectively that the bank was better positioned to be acquired.


IPNY is an advertising agency focused on financial marketing. We work with marketing leaders in complex categories to solve their brand-growth challenges and help drive quantifiable results using data, deliver classic brand advertising, results-oriented direct marketing and media, engaging digital and social media ads, and fully integrated multimedia campaigns.


Financial services, an industry that affects all of us, is curiously lacking in the magic that advertising provides so readily in other categories: The magic of humanity. So often the need to be “serious” and “dignified” makes it impossible to relate to the people portrayed in financial advertising or what they are offering. IPNY has attacked this problem with wit and humor, reasoning that if you can make someone laugh, you are well on the road to making someone listen. Our work for Astoria Bank not only shows cheekiness, but it is frank, the way one friend would talk to another. “Big. Cold. Not that interested in you. Is that a good description of your bank?” asks an Astoria radio ad. “Why do you put up with it? Nobody likes a bank that makes them feel like a nobody. Why not try a bank that’s not like that?”


Fisher Investments: Combining data and creativity to beat a long-held standard. CHALLENGE: The Fisher Investments brand was built on traditional direct response tactics. NYC ad agency IPNY was brought in to create a unified brand message across platforms along with driving greater interest and differentiation for the Fisher brand. RESULTS: Since the company’s personality is strongly tied to its founder, Ken Fisher, IPNY took advantage of Ken’s persuasiveness, colorful language and humor by casting him as spokesperson in a series of TV ads. Highlighting the company’s most powerful sales points, IPNY’s distinctive digital and TV ad campaign outperformed the control and resulted in 75% of the ads having consistent client engagement.

Astoria Bank: Building a unified brand experience that increased the bank’s core deposits. CHALLENGE: When Astoria Federal Savings rebranded as Astoria Bank, a key objective was to increase core deposits by increasing both the number of checking accounts and account balances. To make this brand compelling to consumers, advertising agency IPNY’s research led to a very relatable insight: Both Astoria bankers and Astoria customers love what they do for a living. And when you love what you do, you do it better. The “Astoria Difference” campaign was based on this critical truth. RESULTS: The campaign’s impact on the bank’s assets was felt from the start. In the first 18 months, new household checking acquisition increased by 35% with checking account attrition dropping by 30%. Average checking account balances grew by 17%, reflecting a deeper share of wallet among customers. By the time the campaign entered its third year, the banking community had taken notice. Astoria’s asset position was so robust that it was acquired by Sterling National Bank.


Fisher Investments

Financial Communications Society (FCS) 2018 Portfolio Awards, Bronze - Consumer Retail, Television Campaign


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Tom Steadman

Managing Director