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Gordy Abel, Chief Marketing Officer, Dynasty Financial Partners

Kasia Antczak, Director, Marketing & Communications, Guardian Life

• Tracy Baird, Director, Ptarmigan Media-Americas

Rebecca Bales, Global Head of Marketing, Issuer Services, BNY Mellon

David Blackburn, Head, Digital Marketing, DTCC

Lindsay Burns, Account Director, MERGE

Jim Casey, VP, Global Head, Digital Marketing & Strategy, PGIM

Andrew Chesney, President, NA, Fundamental Media

Marty Dauer, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Duff & Phelps

Joseph DeRoss, Executive Director, Head, Field Marketing, Morgan Stanley

Matthew Doubleday, Chief Marketing Officer,  Wintrust Financial Corporation

• Joy Falconer, Senior Marketing Manager, Commercial Bank, M&T Bank

Peter Ferrigno, CEO, The Solutions Group

Gail Gross, Director, Head, Private Wealth Management Marketing, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Dan Harley, Head, Retail Marketing Strategy, Vanguard

Kristie Helms, Director, Operational Marketing, AllianceBernstein

Bruce Hoffmann, Strategic Marketing Consultant 

Claire Kurmel, Marketing, Matthews Asia

Christine LoganHead, Marketing Canada, Franklin Templeton Investments 

Craig Mclaughlin, CEO, Extractable

Donna MacFarland, Founder & CEO, Accelerate Strategies

Angie Moncada, Head, Marketing, Reinsurance/

Innovation, NA, Munich Re

Olympia Moukas, Senior Director, Institutional Investment Marketing, TIAA

Sarah McNabb, Chief Marketing Officer, Gate39 Media

Anthony Nygren, EVP, EMI Strategic Marketing

Andy O’Rourke, Chief Marketing Officer, Direxion Funds

Kelley Palmer, Senior Marketing & Communications Director, John Hancock

• Betsy Pultz, Head, Industry Marketing-NA, Aon 

• Ondina Purcell, VP, Director of Client Marketing, First Republic Bank

Beth Oporto, Head, Listings Marketing, New York Stock Exchange

Charles Shaw, Head, Institutional Solutions Marketing, Mass Mutual

Nancy Schulman, Partner, Executive Director, Sullivan

Joseph Sancio, Marketing Manager, Yield Street

Sharon Schallenkamp, VP, Strategic Campaigns, Global Mktg & Communications, BNY Mellon

Andrew Seibert, Managing Partner, Imprint

Ben Stuart, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Bank of the West (PNB Paribas)

Annis Steiner, Head of Marketing, Bain Capital Ventures

Elaine Sullivan, Chief Marketing Officer, Eaton Vance

Rachel Tuffney, EVP,

Dianomi, USA

Anthony Vitalone, Head, Global Digital Marketing & Client Experience, VanEck
Kelly Vives, Head, Marketing, Wells Fargo Asset Management

Jeffrey Wilson, SVP, Marketing & Communication, Citizens Bank

Gramercy Institute is proud to announce an important financial marketing industry award program: Gramercy Institute's Financial Marketing Leadership Awards.


Leadership is a rare commodity. Still, there are solid examples of true leadership in the financial services marketing industry today. 


Recently, Gramercy Institute has seen its fair share of true leadership at work in our industry. Through the "Gramercy Institute Financial Marketing Leadership Awards," we are making a concerted effort to uncover as many shining examples as we can to honor this leadership and inspire our entire industry. 


The Gramercy Institute Financial Marketing Leadership Awards acknowledge leadership through many areas of the financial marketing industry and across virtually all categories. This is a TEAM AWARD. Entry submissions are designed so that entire teams will be honored.


What Type of Financial Marketing Leadership Will Be Honored?

The following types of financial marketing teams will be honored across a variety of sub categories:

  • Banks and Other Financial Brands/Marketing Teams

  • Advertising, Marketing & Media Agencies

  • PR & Communications Agencies

  • Consultants

  • Marketing Partners

  • Media Properties, Media Networks

  • Activists, Analysts & Journalists


What Types of Companies May Submit An Entry?

For the most part, entries will by submitted by these types of firms:

  • Financial Brands

  • Agencies

  • Consultants

  • Marketing Partners

  • Media Properties

  • Others


Entry Dates & Fees?

Teams or individuals may submit entries by completing this online form.

  • Award Entry Price: $325 per entry

  • Award Entry Deadline: June 15


Judging Criteria

Each entry will complete five of the following ten categories with a brief descriptive narrative. Likewise, each entry will be scored in the five areas selected:

  • Effectiveness on  Initiatives

  • Establishment of a Clear Vision

  • Following Through on Deliverables

  • Innovative Thinking

  • Inspiration by Example

  • Performance under Pressure

  • Preparedness

  • Risk Mitigation

  • Sharing Credit When Due

  • Setting a Sound Strategy

  • Taking Responsibility in Adversity



Submissions will be individually assessed according to criteria and scored by judging panel. Scores will be averaged together and winners announced, one winning team per category.


Honoring Winning Teams

A roster of winners will be published and distributed to Gramercy Institute’s global financial marketing community in late-June. Shortly thereafter, Gramercy Institute will publish a profile of each award-winning team along with a team photo and description of award winning leadership attributes. Trophies will be given to each award winning team.


Q: I am the leader of a marketing team at a financial firm.  We have done some excellent lately—under some difficult circumstances.  Can I nominate my own team?

A: Absolutely. Yes. This is an ideal circumstance for submitting an entry. Go for it. 


Q: Can judges of this award program submit entries?  

A:  Great question—yes! This award program is fortunate to have many leaders from well-known financial firms and agencies judging our submissions.  Because not every judge will grade every entry, Gramercy Institute simply makes a point of not assigning judges entries from their own brand (or client).


Q: I work for an agency. Can I nominate my own financial client?

A: Yes. Of course.  This is an ideal example of a submission.

Q: I work for an agency.  My client is a financial services firm. Can we enter a submission for my client’s team?

A: Yes.  Absolutely.  Perfect example of an entry.


Q: I work in marketing for a financial services company?  Can we enter our publishing company that has really led us through some rough waters?

A: Of course.  This is totally appropriate. Go right ahead. Clients can nominate their partners!


Q: Can I submit more than one entry?

A: Yes.  No problem. You may enter as many entries as you like for any number of teams within our industry.


Q: I am the CMO at a financial firm. There’s a specific person on my team who I would like to honor, can I submit an entry exclusively for him (not the full team)? 

A: No, this is a team award. However on the entry form, when you are entering for the team’s leadership, you may specifically site the work of up to six individual colleagues.  So you may acknowledge this person’s contribution to the team leadership in this way. The ultimate award will be in the company’s name.


Q: I work for a media agency—and we do a lot of financial work.  Can we nominate our non-financial client?

A:  No.  Award winners of this award will be for financial marketing work.  So, feel free to nominate any financial firm clients  that you think we should consider. Also, feel free to enter any partner firms that do not exclusively focus on financial, as long as the work they are being nominated for is financial in nature. 


Q: I work for a research company.  Can we enter an agency for this award? 

A: Yes.  Great idea. As long as you are nominating this agency for financial marketing work or for work in connection with a financial firm—this is great.


Q: How will judges assess and compare something as subjective as "leadership?"

A: Great question. Submissions will include responses in five (out of about ten) areas selected by the nominator.  So, those completing the entry form will have the opportunity to select which specific areas best tell the story of leadership.  Judges then, independent of one another, assess a point value to each of the five sections on each entry form. Points will be added up and then each entry is scored.  Each score will become the basis of comparison for each entry.