Markit Digital

Year Agency Founded: 2000

An Independent Agency



Catherine Allegra, Chief Executive Officer &

Global Head of Markit Digital


Animation, Content Services, Creative Optimization, Creative Production, Data Integration, Design, Digital Marketing, Ipreo Data, Market Condition Targets, Media Buying, Media Planning, Strategy, Video Production


Full time employees: 450

99% financial clients by billing

99% financial clients by roster

Current financial/insurance clients:

CNBC, E*Trade, Financial Times, Investing Channel, Investments & Wealth Institute, Magnifi, Merrill Edge, ProShares, Scotiabank, Soubriet Byrne & Associates, TD Ameritrade, T. Rowe Price, WisdomTree, Verizon Media, Zacks

Financial/insurance clients within the past three years:

CNBC, E*Trade, Fidelity, Investing Channel, Merrill Edge, ProShares, Scotiabank, Scottrade, Soubriet Byrne & Associates, TD Ameritrade, TD Canada, WisdomTree, Verizon Media (Yahoo / Oath), Zacks


For nearly 25 years, we have developed digital strategies with our clients - building world-class websites, mobile apps, and effective marketing solutions that leverage a shared back-end ecosystem. We believe in building intelligent delivery and marketing systems that make the complex simple for the end user. We focus on dynamic visualization, efficient delivery utilizing our engineering systems, and leveraging licensed and proprietary data for our clients. Our solutions bridge the gap between technology and marketing, creating a completely private-labeled experience that is seamlessly integrated into your existing offering.


We create a cohesive marketing system centered around the individual. Our unique blend of in-house technology married with best-in-class partner technology allows for holistic campaign strategy implementation and robust measurement of all your advertising and marketing efforts. Markit Digital’s focus and expertise within the financial services industry allows for stream-lined, intelligent, and insightful marketing strategy and execution. We combine vast best-practice experience across all digital channels to create a successful optimized blend of data, content, media, and technology.



Markit Digital's penetration into financial services marketing began with a simple innovation of combining market data content with targeted advertising. This innovation has been used by most retail brokers and asset managers since its inception. Within our continued innovation tradition, we expanded our media buying solutions to new and emerging channels such as connected TV and digital out-of-home media. This expansion has allowed for buying with market agility and a focus on lifetime value metrics such as AUM growth. Our exclusive concentration on financial services has allowed us to create turn-key and innovative solutions within the category.



Dynamic Video Solutions

Our dynamic video solutions engage customers with data-rich narratives that serve new content in a specific, controlled and precise manner. Video is a prevalent and primary content delivery method for many companies. Data-driven video allows injection of up-to-the minute data into an animated video for the consumer. This results in a more relevant, personalized, and engaging experience. Video campaigns utilizing a dynamic solution show very strong performance with completion rates exceeding 75%, an increase of approximately 15% over prior, non-dynamic video campaigns.

Technical Solutions & People-based Expertise

We see a 35% average increase in post-engagement metrics when messaging is delivered in real-time based on market event triggers. Our team has technical solutions and people-based expertise that captures the performance levels of financial markets in real-time with the integration of over 3,000 data feeds. These moments, i.e. heightened interest around specific markets and events relevant to a participant’s own financial interest, have a profound effect on investor sentiment and emotion. We deliver thoughtful and personalized content for advertisers around these events.

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