The Financial Agency Short List.

Gramercy Institute offers high-caliber financial agencies a multi-pronged program to promote their value and success to leading financial brands. The program is called "The Financial Agency Short List."

The (normal) price to participate is $2495 per year per agency. Early registrants receive a $500 discount, so that the annual price for your agency to participate in this program is $1,995.


We’ve found that 20 is the ideal number of agencies to make this collective most valuable to financial brands and to participating agencies alike. Gramercy Institute will review/invite agencies into the mix to arrive at a final “Short List” of about 20 agencies. The “Financial Agency Short List” includes full-service agencies, media agencies, creative agencies, communications/PR agencies and other specialized agencies.  

Gramercy Institute Financial Agency Short List Program: $2,495 (Early Registration Discount: $500, so $1,995)

  • Each participant agency will receive a Financial Agency “Short List” profile VIEW SAMPLE AGENCY PROFILE.   

  • Each Short List profile resides on Gramercy site with direct navigation from home page.

  • Short List participants will be promoted visually (on-screen) and verbally at over 15 Gramercy Financial Marketers’ forums in Chicago, Boston, London, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Toronto.

  • Printed agency profiles of each agency will be available at 15 Gramercy Financial Marketers’ forums in Chicago, Boston, London, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Toronto.

  • Short List participants will receive a written five-question “Wreaks Speaks” Interview for a senior team member from the agency. VIEW INTERVIEW SAMPLE. Each interview will be promoted to Gramercy Institute’s global network (5000) via email, linking back to the interview on GI’s site.  

  • Participating Short List agencies may link to this page separately for its own promotional purposes.

  • GI’s Short List icon will be featured on at least 35 Gramercy Institute outbound html emails to GI’s global financial marketing community within the duration of this program (10 months). This icon will link directly to the Financial Agency Short List page so that interested financial brands can view/print “Short List” profiles.

  • Short List profiles will be shared with all financial brands that reach out to the Gramercy Institute requesting agency information.