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Ticket Pricing For Award Entrant Teams

(through September 6, 2022)

"Financial Content Marketing Excellence"

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Join us for Gramercy Institute’s Financial Marketers’ Forum on September 22, 2022. Our overarching topic is “Financial Content Marketing Excellence.” Content-as-marketing has proven to be a highly-effective and extremely-efficient means for financial marketers to connect in meaningful ways with core target audiences. 

The result: content marketing has become a significant plank in nearly

every financial marketing platform. 

In connection with our financial content marketing forum, Gramercy Institute will also award those financial brands and agencies who are “doing it right” as we honor and award the winners of the Gramercy Institute 8th Annual Financial Content Marketing Awards.

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Winning teams are invited to attend a special conference and trophy presentation in NYC on  September 22, 2022 to accept their trophies in front of industry colleagues.

Gramercy Institute is pleased to extend special “Winning Team Pricing” to winning teams for a limited time. 


  • Scott Anderson, SVP, Marketing, Alger

  • Dana Caragine, Director, Marketing, Golub Capital

  • Vicki Chan, Director, Content Strategy, VanEck

  • Courtney Comstock, Manager, Content Strategy, Federated Hermes

  • Mark Day, Head, Content Marketing-Alladin, BlackRock

  • Jill Deardorff, President & CEO, Deardorff

  • Maureen Duff, Managing Director, Global Head of Marketing, BNY Mellon

  • Jon Ewing, Chief Marketing Officer, iCapital

  • Sheri Gilchrist, Chief Marketing Officer, MissionSquare Retirement

  • Guy Haselmann, Head, Thought Leadership, MetLife Investment Management 

  • Steve Lee, Senior Managing Director, Guggenheim Securities

  • Paul Leibowitz, Owner, Leibowitz 

  • Stephanie Linker, Head, Retirement Marketing, BlackRock 

  • Meghan McCartan, Chief Marketing Officer, Hightower Advisors

  • Jim Misener, Principal / President, 50,000feet

  • Grace Mistry, Head, B2B Advertising & Personal Wealth, BMO Financial Group

  • Kirti Naik, Chief Marketing Officer, Future (formerly FutureBank)

  • Trina Neale, Head, Client Product Marketing, Allspring Global Investments

  • Andy O’Rourke, Chief Marketing Officer, Direxion

  • Julissa Ortiz, Senior Director, Imprint

  • Kim Rosenblum, Chief Marketing Officer, Betterment

  • Courtney Rougeau, SVP, Head, Institutional Marketing, NA, Lazard Assett Management

  • Scott Saperstein, Head, Agency Development, Taboola

  • Kevin Steen, Principal, Financial Services, Sullivan

  • Daniel Tauber, Managing Director, Marketing, Macquarie Asset Management Wealth Solutions

  • Bob Verrico, Founder & Executive Chairman, InvestingChannel




  • Consider The Source: Credibility in Content Marketing World

  • The Message Matters: Crafting The Right Message for Maximum Engagement 

  • Content Distribution Strategies: Connecting Marketer to Audience in Relevant Ways

  • Measurement of Success: Doing It Right in Financial Content Marketing—And Understanding Why


Award Entrant Team Pricing

(through September 6, 2022)

Event Date: Thursday, September 22, 2022 (8:00AM-12:45PM)

includes breakfast, breaks & moderated program.

Location: 3 West Club | 3 West 51st New York, NY 10019

For questions about sponsorship please contact Gramercy Institute

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