The Gramercy Institute is an exclusive network devoted to inspiring and enhancing the professional development of marketing team members at the world’s leading financial firms. In the process it is the mission of the Gramercy Institute to raise the bar of excellence for the global financial services marketing industry, at large. Gramercy Institute is the largest such global network in world and has been delivering on its mission since 2002. 


Gramercy Institute is proud to unveil is membership benefits offering for the next 12 months. Our value proposition has been updated specifically to provide idea-sharing, learning, professional development and competitive advantage to our members. The result is an ambitious program that will keep all member firms on top of current developments in financial services marketing and advance best practices within our membership. 


Membership in the Gramercy Institute is exclusively reserved for marketing teams from the world's leading and most innovative financial brands.

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Financial Marketer TV: Keeping You & Your Team On-Top of Our Industry

Gramercy Institute member teams receive 5 annual passes to “Financial Marketer TV.” Financial Marketer TV produces and distributes 26 episodes each year.  Each episode features in an in-depth interview between Gramercy Institute Chief Analyst Bill Wreaks and a Chief Marketing Officer (or very senior marketer) from a leading financial brand.  Your team can view these interviews live and in real time or view the recorded versions at your convenience. CMO’s from the following brands are currently scheduled to be part of this series: Bank of America, Bank of The West, Charles Schwab, CBRE, Eaton Vance, Freedom Financial, H&R Block, Horizons ETFs, Invesco, Janus Henderson Investors, JP Morgan, KPMG, NASDAQ, Nuveen, PIMCO, RBC Capital Markets, Prudential Annuities, Refinitive, State Street Global Advisors, Wells Fargo (with more to be announced!).

Financial Agency Brilliance Webinar Series.

All member financial firms of the Gramercy Institute are invited (along with their marketing team members) to view/participate in this highly-relevant and compelling panel discussion series featuring the very top agency minds in financial services marketing today.


In this four-part webinar series, Gramercy Institute covers four highly important subjects that are on the minds of virtually all marketers at leading financial firms: The Creative Process, Media Planning, Strategy Setting and The Customer Journey. 


The series features 20 leading minds from top financial agencies as they share their opinions and their insights regarding these specific subject areas.


This landmark webinar series takes place weekly through the month of September. And is available at no charge to all Gramercy Institute member financial firms. 



Aberdeen Standard Investments


Aviva Investors


BMO Financial Group

BNY Mellon | Pershing

Bank of America 

Bank of America Merrill Lynch


Breckinridge Capital Advisors

Brown Brothers Harriman

Broadridge Financial

Carillon Tower Advisers


CFA Institute


CME Group

Columbia Threadneedle

Deutsche Bank

Direxion Funds

DWS Investments

Eaton Vance

Fidelity Investments

FS Investments

Hamilton Lane

Janus Henderson Investors

JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Lincoln Financial Group


Natixis Investment Managers

Northern Trust


Pioneer Investments



TD Ameritrade

Wells Fargo

William Blair & Company


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Gramercy Institute Members-Meet Your Partners!

Each year Gramercy Institute gathers together financial marketing’s leading and up & coming agencies, partners and media properties to share with Gramercy Institute member firms their most compelling value propositions. This webinar-based event comprises separate 90 minute “showcases.”  Gramercy Institute member firms receive 5 passes for team members to learn about our industry’s leading partners.

Access: Gramercy Institute Video Library

Gramercy Institute corporate members receive full access to Gramercy Institute’s password protected “Intelligence Library.” This laser focused intelligence source includes numerous research and intelligence reports and webinar recordings across a vast array of topics. For example, GI’s Intelligence Library contains: Written industry interviews, webinar recordings from Gramercy Institute’s past series, webinar recordings of Gramercy Institute’s partner showcase as well as webinar archives of Gramercy Institute’s Financial Marketer TV (all 26 episodes!). Gramercy Institute member firms—and their teams—have access to it all!

A Full Calendar of Gramercy Webinar Programming

Gramercy Institute hosts a full series of webinar based events designed to bring financial marketing teams together across a variety of topics. For example, The Gramercy Institute Agency Brilliance Webinar Series includes expert agency panelists chiming in on a series of topics including: Branding, Media, Content Marketing, Internal Marketing, Partnership and Measurement. Also, groups of colleagues are planned around leading world markets in New York, Boston, San Francisco, London, Toronto and Sydney.

What's Your Own Story?--Share Your Brand's Success

What kind of “buzz” does your financial brand have within the financial marketing industry? Beyond what you learn through Gramercy programming, Gramercy Institute is also about sharing your own financial brand's success story with our industry. Launching a new campaign? Undertaking a new initiative?  Gramercy Institute is pleased to invite member financial firms to share THEIR OWN success stories with our important industry audiences through panelist invitations and other means.  

Know Thy Partners-Gramercy Institute Partner-Check Service

Partnership between financial firms and the thousands of marketing partners seeking to work with them is today a necessary part of doing in business in the financial services marketing space. Sorting through these potential partners to find the real value leaders is daunting and (potentially) dangerous work.  Gramercy Institute’s Partner-Check Service helps to relieve some of the uncertainty through Gramercy Institute’s Partner-Check Service.  Through its Partner-Check service, Gramercy Institute fields opinion requests to marketers at other financial firms to request their reputational “take” on a potential partner.  Gramercy Institute then consolidates these opinions and other available information into a “Gramercy Partner-Check Brief” to help marketers make a better-informed decision before engaging a partner.  Three (3) Partner-Check reports are available to Gramercy Institute member brands each year at no charge. Partner-Check reports cost $1100 for each report thereafter.

The Sense of the Industry: Gramercy Reports

Gramercy Institute regularly undertakes, backs and sponsors important research for the financial marketing industry and releases these studies to its member firms. Member firms receive access to all Gramercy research reports.  Recent reports include: Crisis Response 2020, Financial Marketing in the New Normal, and a Five-Part Interview Series that Involved 17 senior industry leaders analyzing various aspects of financial marketing in light of the 2020 Global pandemic crisis. Additional reports and single-focus webinar interviews take place all year along providing value to Gramercy Members.

You’ve Got Questions—We’ve Got Answers.

Gramercy Institute Custom “One-Pager” Research Briefs

Gramercy Institute member brands receive up to three (3) custom “One-Pager” research briefs on questions they might have related to financial services marketing.  Example reports might respond to member research questions such as, “Do you have any data that might help us better understand what percentage of revenues we should devote to marketing?” or “Can you tell me what banks spend the most in the US on TV? or “Can you list the five largest “robo-advisors” in the US, based on revenues?”.  Example queries are virtually limitless, as long as information is available to Gramercy research team.  Most “One-Pager” research requests are turned around within two (2) business days. Some conditions may apply. Gramercy member brands receive up to three (3) “One-Pager” reports per year with their membership.  Beyond this, there is a charge of $495 per report.

Lead or Follow? Industry Leadership

Gramercy Institute membership is limited to those financial firms that are leading the global financial services marketing industry forward.  The leadership of Gramercy Institute members is underscored throughout the entire year.  Gramercy Institute publicly thanks and presents its roster of member firms at each of 20 different Gramercy forums each year. 

Outbound To The Industry: Gramercy Financial Marketer Interview

(Optional Benefit) From time to time, Financial marketing teams have news, new campaigns or initiatives that that they wish to share with the greater financial marketing universe. Gramercy Institute provides its membership with an effective means to disseminating its news to the financial marketing industry. Once each year (at the request of our member brands) Gramercy Institute will be pleased to conduct a “five-question” Interview with each member firm and send this interview out to Gramercy Institute’s extensive financial marketing community network. Interviews include Q&A for five questions as well as a photo of interview subject.

Connections Not Contacts: Highly-Relevant Business Connections

Financial marketing is a relationship business. Gramercy Institute is the world’s leading think tank for senior marketers at major financial firms.  Each Gramercy Forum is a carefully assembled assembly of relevant industry players from the marketer, agency, media and service provider areas.  Each group is invited in proper ratio to insure the most relevant and impactful experience for all parties involved.  The result is that our member teams receive the right intelligence from the right people and in the process forge meaningful and valuable relationships with the right industry colleagues.

Two-Way Expression: The Gramercy Network

Gramercy Institute offers a special “invitation only” (special access) chat groups to Gramercy member financial brands so that marketer-only conversations can take place and questions can be posed exclusively between financial brand teams.


The annual price for your financial brand to receive the benefits outlined above (and others) is only $2,495

A "Premium Membership" is offered for only $4,995 and includes all standard membership benefits plus a full sponsorship of Gramercy Institute's world-famous "20 Rising Stars in Financial Marketing" celebration held each year in New York City.

Membership in the Gramercy Institute is reserved exclusively for marketing team members at major financial firms. Please note that season passes may not be used by agencies, media, or other service providers of the financial firm member.