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There are a number of ways to get involved with the Gramercy Institute and its constituency of senior marketers from major financial firms. Sponsorship is a practical and efficient way to engage your media, agency or marketing brand with eager and interested senior marketers from the world’s leading financial firms. Here is a pricing summary of various sponsorship formats.


Sponsorship Formats and Pricing

  • Gramercy Institute Financial Marketers’ Forum (Live Event): $5,995

  • Gramercy Institute Financial Marketers’ Forum (Live Event + Speaking Slot): $7,995

  • Gramercy Institute Financial Marketers’ Roundtable (Live Event): $4,995

  • Gramercy Institute Financial Marketing Award Sponsorships: $3,995

  • Gramercy Institute Virtual Webinar or Video Podcast Event: $3,995

  • FMTV Subscription: $2495(5 passes)

  • Email Sponsorship: $3995


Gramercy Institute offers sponsors real, relevant and meaningful relationships as our programming has been designed to serve as a catalyst for growth between sponsor and financial brand.  Our system works and has been connecting financial brands to the products and services they need to run their marketing better since 2002. 


In addition to custom programming, Gramercy Institute provides the following types of sponsorships:


Gramercy Financial Marketers Forum

Gramercy Institute hosts nine (9) live, in-person “forum-format” events each year.  “Forum” format means that we gather between 60-100 financial services industry leaders together into one half-day forum of idea sharing and dialog.  Usually, 50% are marketers from financial brands, 25% are agency leaders and 25% are leading media and service provider executives.  Gramercy Institute has developed and optimized this format over the past 20 years and it has proven itself time and time again as a highly effective format for this industry.  


In 2022, Gramercy Forums are planned to take place in the following financial capitals: New York City (4 forums), London (1 forum), Boston (2), Chicago (1). These informative relationship-building forums provide ample relationship building with leading marketers in financial services along with agency leaders and highly-relevant service providers. The result is a vibrant and enthusiastic “ecosystem” of dialogue and intelligence shared amongst peers in an informal informative way.


  • Sponsorship: $5,995

  • Sponsorship + Presentation: $7,995

Business Team Research

Gramercy Institute Financial Marketer Roundtables


Gramercy Roundtables are live in-person events. They are smaller and more intimate than Gramercy Forums. What makes this format unique is that there is no audience—only participants. This year, Gramercy round tables will take place in the following cities:


  • San Francisco

  • Chicago

  • Charlotte

  • Philly/Wilmington/DC


At Gramercy Roundtables, the ratio of marketers to others is, by design, remarkably high. This format calls for between 12 and 16 senior marketers from leading financial firms and brings them together for a morning of debate, discussion and consensus-building on subjects of interest to the financial marketing industry. Sponsors are not observers—rather, they are participants. Session notes are kept and an industry report, branded with our sponsor logo and is distributed to the industry post-fact. This high level format presents a highly-intimate, highly-interactive leadership and sponsorship opportunity with ultimate reach (and value) to the entire financial marketing community. 



  • $4,995 Per Event (includes 1 delegate pass for sponsors)

  • $17,995 Package of Four Sponsorships

content mktg awards header.jpg

Gramercy Institute Financial Marketing Award Programs

Gramercy Institute believes that the honoring excellence in our industry is a critical service that it provides to the financial marketing industry. The celebration of who is raising the bar—and how they are doing it in our industry is an important engine that drives financial services marketing forward. Gramercy Institute launched its first financial marketing award program in 2003. Today, Gramercy Institute hosts eight unique and distinct financial marketing and communications award programs each year: 


  • Gramercy Institute Financial Marketing Strategy Awards

  • Gramercy Institute financial content marketing Awards

  • Gramercy Institute 20 Rising Stars in Financial Marketing

  • Gramercy Institute London’s Rising Stars in Financial Marketing

  • Gramercy Institutes Agency Innovators Awards

  • Gramercy Institute ESG Marketing & Communications Awards

  • Gramercy Institute Banking & Credit Union Marketing Awards

  • Gramercy Institute Financial Marketing Leadership Awards


Sponsorship: $4,995 per award program 

Includes numerous promotional benefits and 3 tickets to attend daytime award presentation events (includes 1 ticket to attend Rising Stars events)

Image by Simon Abrams

Virtual Webinar & Video Podcasts


Gramercy Institute hosts a number of virtual panel discussions and interview events each year. There are a variety of topics from which a sponsor may choose to pursue with a selection of leading minds in financial marketing.  Gramercy Institute handles speaker invitations, question preparation, etc. Also, custom virtual events are available to pinpoint a particular topic to a particular group of experts. Examples Include: 


  • Gramercy Institute Financial Agency Brilliance Series (series of 4 separate panel discussions over 8 weeks)

  • Gramercy Institute Financial Marketing & Media Showcase


Sponsors receive a number of promotional benefits along with high visibility and relevant participation in the virtual event.


Sponsorship: $3,995, per series of four.  Includes a number of promotional benefits leading up to event as well as post-fact distribution to industry

Screen Shot 2020-12-06 at 4.04.07 PM.png

Financial Marketer TV


Gramercy Institute sells a very limited number of subscriptions to its “Financial Marketer TV” webinar interview program. Financial Marketer TV is a series of 10 intimate one-on-one interview between Gramercy Institute CEO & Chief Strategist Bill Wreaks and ten separate Chief Marketing Officers from various leading financial institutions. Each interview digs deep into the background, opportunities and challenges faced by each individual CMO.  Subscribers are limited to only 30 at any given time and are invited to ask real time questions during the interview.  If a subscriber misses a particular episode of Financial Marketer TV,  subscribers may choose to view it at a later date (as each FMTV episode is recorded and archived).  Subscribers receive full access to all interviews (live and archived) for 12 months. This important program is designed so that each subscriber receives maximum value in terms of understanding intimate details facing each Financial CMO interview. 


Subscription $2495 (includes 5 user passes, per subscription to attend 10 separate real time virtual CMO interviews, along with full access to FMTV archives).

Image by Charles Deluvio

Gramercy Institute Email Sponsorship


Gramercy Institute publishes over 150 targeted emails to its network of financial marketing leaders each year.  Most emailings are received by over 4,000 financial marketing professionals.  Brands looking to make an impact in the financial marketing community are invited to consider an ad block in GI’s emailings. Metrics of sent, opened and clicked will be supplied to sponsor 6-times per year. 


Sponsorship: $3995 (ad block, price includes 150 highly-targeted emails to GI’s global network of thousands of financial marketing executives)

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