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Gramercy Institute


The Gramercy Institute is an industry think- tank focused on the intellectual needs of senior marketers from the world’s major financial firms. With a core membership of over 30 of the world’s top financial brands,  the Gramercy Institute connects thousands in the financial marketing industry and is the largest global network of senior financial marketers in the world.

The Gramercy Institute produces numerous thought leadership events, forums and conferences each year in the financial marketing space.  Gramercy Institute hosts a number of award programs each year including, “The Gramercy Institute Financial Marketing Strategy Awards,” “The Gramercy Institute Financial Content Marketing Awards,” “The Gramercy Institute Bank & Credit Union Marketing Awards,” “The Financial ROI Awards,” and “Rising Stars in Financial Marketing,”  In addition, Gramercy Institute produces Financial Marketer TV, a 26-episode  (live & recorded)  program featuring in-depth interviews with 26 leading financial CMO’s each year.  


Gramercy Institute is also leads “The Financial Agency Short List,” a consortium of over 20 highly-regarded financial expert marketing agencies—each with its own unique area of functional specialization.

What's New


Finance First is a video series conducted in partnership by Gramercy Institute and Google. Each quarter, Finance First hosts a new fast and fact-filled video to bring focus and perspective to today’s financial marketing community.

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Join Us


FINANCIAL MARKETERS, welcome to YOUR network. Professional education and development is perpetual. The Gramercy Institute is a network of senior marketers from the world's leading financial institutions. Our mission: to empower senior marketers from the world's leading financial firms through research, insights and best practice strategies.


Join us to share thinking, discussion and debate.

“What makes Gramercy events so appealing is that they are not simply “beauty contests.”  They ask participants to delve into the strategic thinking behind a project or program, as well as the results generated.  This puts marketing into a business context, rather than just an exercise in communications or promotional activity.”

David Master, Co-Head, Global Marketing, Janus Henderson Investors U.S


Gramercy Institute's Bill Wreaks recently enjoyed a discussion with three collaborative firms that have joined together to form a brand new partnership that offers notable (and needed) value to our industry. There’s no doubt that the ultimate beneficiary of this new product will be financial brands as they seek to target their distinct audiences with an extremely high degree of “certainty” and granularity


Crisis Response 2020: Financial Marketing

in Uncertain Times

Gramercy Institute will release an important, timely and brand new research study on April 2, 2020. This industry study, 

“Crisis Response 2020: Financial Marketing in Uncertain Times,” 

features the collective opinion of 100 to 120 senior marketers from

the world's leading financial brands.


Gramercy Institute Short List

Gramercy Institute has recently formed a group of expert agencies called Gramercy Institute Financial Agency Short List. This roster of agencies is intended to serve as a vital resource for marketers from leading financial brands. Each agency, has been hand-selected and reviewed by Gramercy Institute for excellence and proficiency in a variety of areas. 

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Mastering Marketing in Financial Services

The Gramercy Institute partnered with Dianomi to produce a series of eight unique interviews with contemporary leaders in financial services marketing. Bill Wreaks, Chief Analyst of the Gramercy Institute interviewed these high level marketers on variety of topics.


David Master, Chief Marketing Director, Janus Henderson Investors

Watch Full Interview

Wendy Marcone, SVP, Global Marketing, Bank of America

Watch Full Interview

Andrew Goldman, Sr. Director, B2B Content Marketing, TIAA

Watch Full Interview

Tammy Cash, EVP, Head of Marketing, Horizons ETF

Watch Full Interview

Jennifer Grazel, Managing Director, US Marketing and Brand Officer,

RBC Capital Markets

Watch Full Interview

Ed Nini, Head of ETF Marketing, Principal Global Investors

Watch Full Interview