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Wreaks Speaks with… 

Wreaks launched The Gramercy Institute, which has grown to become the world’s largest global “think tank” for senior marketers from major financial firms. 

Today, Bill oversees the strategic direction of GI and in this role of CEO & Chief Strategist, he moderates over 20 multi-panel financial marketing forums each year. These 20 (plus) forums are regularly scheduled in eight world financial capitals each year on subjects exclusively pertaining to financial services marketing.  He, himself, is a prolific writer on financial marketing topics. From time to time he has the pleasure of interviewing fellow industry thought leaders on their own perspectives on the status and direction of our industry.  We have assembled a selection of these pieces and conversations here.

The Search For Success: SEO Thrives At Quattro

Wreaks recently met up with Scott Cohen, CEO of Quattro. Quattro has proven itself as true marketing innovators. It seems that the current pandemic quarantine has not slowed Quattro down. On the contrary, Cohen shared that business remains brisk as many of their client partners have reallocated additional funds to SEO from other channels.

Addressing Financial Audiences In Human Terms with Rachel Tuffney, EVP, Dianomi USA

Wreaks engaged with Tuffney to better understand the challenges and opportunities in the financial marketing world that we are all navigating today, Dianomi's key value to financial marketers as well as the growth, success and North American potential of this important company.

Transformation In Financial Audience Data-Targeting

InvestingChannel, PubMatic and Discovery Data® Explain Benefits of New Joint Partnership,  “InvestorMatch”


Gramercy Institute recently enjoyed a discussion with three collaborative firms that have joined together to form a brand new partnership that offers notable (and needed) value to our industry. There’s no doubt that the ultimate beneficiary of this new product will be financial brands as they seek to target their distinct audiences with an extremely high degree of “certainty” and granularity. 


Bill Wreaks, Chief Analyst of the Gramercy Institute recently sat down with Max Rybakov, VP Product and Development at InvestingChannel, along with Craig Katz, EVP at Discovery Data® and Alex DeSanctis, VP of Audience Solutions at PubMatic to discuss how this partnership is providing value to the financial marketing industry.

Dianomi co-founder & CEO, Rupert Hodson Explains the Success of the Company he Leads and Why it Matters to the Future of Financial Marketing

Dianomi provides financial marketers around the world opportunity to market their financial content across its vast financial publisher network alongside contextually-relevant news articles. Wreaks engaged with Hodson to better understand the business behind Dianomi and what Dianomi’s success might spell for the future of financial services marketing.


Quattro's Managing Director, Scott Cohen, Offers His Recipe for Success

Cohen discusses the ingredients of success in financial marketing today. Scott details specifically what many financial marketers need from their marketing, and how Quattro finds success time and again by holding the principle “advertise responsibly” at its core.

Piers Currie, Group Head of Brand, Aberdeen Asset Management

In this five-question interview, Wreaks asks Currie his opinion on a variety of topics related to financial services marketing, including Trust in Financial Marketing, Change in Our Industry, Measurement of Results, Internal Marketing in Financial, and the Future of Financial Marketing.

Michael Ellison, President of Corporate Insight, Inc.

Michael’s company, Corporate Insight, Inc has recently completed an important piece of research on the subject of “The Millennial Shift: Financial Services and the Digital Generation.”  In this one-on-one interview, Bill Wreaks asks Michael Ellison for his take on the effect that this generational shift will have on our industry and the way that financial firms (and their marketing) should react to it.


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