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Year Agency Founded: 1999

An Independent Agency



Craig McLaughlin

(415) 806-3820


Branding, Business-to-Business, Business-to-Consumer, Content Services, Creative, Design, Data Analytics, Digital Marketing, SEO, Strategy



Full time employees: 30

Part time employees: 20

90% Financial clients by billing

90% financial clients by roster

Current financial/insurance clients: Schwab, RW Baird, Advicent, TPG, Ten-X, Patelco, Golden1, GECU, The Doctors Group, One West Bank and CIT

Financial/insurance clients within the past three years: CHUBB, Generali and Motif



Extractable is a leading digital consultancy that helps financial services companies get the utmost in results from the digital channel through strategy, user experience, design, technology, and data analytics consulting.



Digital finance is a large part of everyone’s life. As more consumer and commercial financial products become completely digital, people around the world will be interacting with banks, credit unions, payment platforms, digital currencies, insurance organizations, and investment firms every week and possibly every day. Extractable has an intense and creative passion to implement the best industry experiences enabling prospects and customers to manage and improve their finances online. Our expert team has worked with over 100 banks, credit unions, payment platforms, insurance providers, investment firms, and financial technology providers to create award winning experiences on websites, web applications, and mobile applications. We conduct extensive research on digital behaviors in banking, loans, insurance, and investments to create unique insights that lead to superior designs. Our digital strategies bring together innovative ideas, business goals, powerful creative, and advanced technologies to deliver transformative solutions to our clients and to the financial industry.




Community Bank

For the past 12 months we have been working with a community bank in the Midwest with 20 billion in assets. Each month our digital analysts have examined data from their online deposit applications, public marketing sites, advertising campaigns, and online banking to find opportunities for improvements. Our analysis focused on areas such as content engagement, traffic conversion rates, navigation paths, cost-per-acquisition, onsite tool usage, and application pull-through. With each analysis our team has provided insights big and small from page layout concepts to site functional changes to content updates all driven by the study of their prospects and customers. The monthly analysis coupled with a driven team implementing site updates has incrementally increased online applications in almost every month for over a year. In aggregate our collaborative efforts have increased monthly site applications by over 100% in 12 months while decreasing the cost-per-acquisition by 50%.



612 Howard Street

Fourth Floor

San Francisco, CA, 94105

General Inquiries

(415) 426-3600

New Business

(415) 426-3694


Vantiv is one largest and most innovative payment platform providers. The Extractable team worked with Vantiv on a rebrand and re-imagination of their complete digital marketing ecosystem. Our strategy team created a multi-channel digital roadmap incorporating areas such as search engine optimization, email marketing, social campaigns, demand generation initiatives, lead scoring/nurturing, and personalized cross-selling. The design team at Extractable utilized our industry research and best practices to redesign, rewrite, and rebuild all of the digital properties on a new web content management platform. The site launched on-time and on-budget. 12 months after the site launch, Extractable and Vantiv had won 3 different industry awards. More importantly the new site increased online lead generation by over 200% and produced a remarkable 400%+ return on investment through new clients acquired online.



Our team is driven to create superior digital experiences that push boundaries. We have worked with innovators such as Motif Investing, LendingTree, PayPal, and CyberSource to create transformative experiences. Our team recently worked with a financial industry consortium to re-imagine online banking. Our UX team and designers transformed boring lists of account balances into moving financial statements which simultaneously analyzed past financial behaviors and predicted future performance towards financial goals such as retirement. While traditional online banking is designed around mundane tasks such as checking balances and paying bills the new experience our team created focused on incrementally educating customers about their finances with personalized micro-lessons and science fiction style interfaces. The concept experience wowed our clients and amazed usability testing groups. The innovative concepts in presenting account finances as moving points required that the underlying online banking platform be rebuilt. The designs have been admired as industry leading and inspired re-imagination of auxiliary applications such as mobile deposits, budget planning, and digital customer service tools.



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