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The Gate

Year Agency Founded: 1874

MSQ Partners Group



Beau Fraser

(212) 508-3450



Animation, Branding, Business-to-Business, Business-to-Consumer, Content Services, Creative, Design, Digital Marketing, Direct Mail, Direct Response, Film/Video Production, Media Buying, Media Planning, SEO, Strategy



Full time employees: 45

Part time employees: 0

45% Financial clients by billing

40% financial clients by roster

Current financial/insurance clients:  FS Investments, Nasdaq, People's United Bank, Direxion, Assured Guaranty, Marcum LLP, AllianceBernstein, Macquarie, Global Association of Risk Professionals, Institute of Management Accountants

Financial/insurance clients within the past three years: State Street Global Advisors, ColumbiaThreadneedle, Glenmede


Making considered purchases worth considering.



Consistency. We have consistently developed insightful communications programs for the financial services industry. In 1872, Mr. J.P. Morgan asked our founder, Albert Frank, to help him shape a new financial entity to serve the needs of a growing America. This entity became J.P. Morgan Bank and was for more than a century our longest-running client. While some agencies may claim that financial services accounts are no different than any other business, we know better. You speak a different language. We speak it, too. We understand that the target audience may not be the end user. We understand that communications must build brand credibility as well as sell products. We understand that a sales force may reposition the offering with every sales call if not told what the message is. We understand the importance of education in building the business. We know how to elevate parity products to differentiate benefits. The Gate | New York has consistently developed successful communications programs for our financial services clients.


Not to bite the hand that feeds us, but so much of financial services advertising is pretty uninspiring. There. We said it. The reason is that many financial firms think of customers in cold rational terms like “potential AUM.” Or use bloodless, homogenous descriptions like the “wealthy” or the “mass affluent.” What’s more, financial services firms are sales driven and look to sell “products.” But customer and prospects don’t buy products. They buy benefits. Combined, this leads to advertising that is cold, rational and frankly, hard to distinguish from one another. The Gate innovates by first developing benefit–based brand propositions with blood in their veins. Simple but vivid propositions like: State Street Global Advisors: Precision AllianceBernstein: Code Breakers Nasdaq: Home of the Ambitious CFA: Worth the Effort And then develop communications programs based on a consumer benefit that treats the target as a human being. Here are some examples.


Marcum LLP Accountants

Can an ad make a serious point without being serious?

The Work:

CEOs have to make tough decisions every day. And sometimes they need help making them. That’s where Marcum, one of the country’s largest independent public accounting and advisory service firms, can help. So they hired The Gate | New York to develop a TV campaign to convince C-suite executives to make Marcum their first call. In each of the four spots, a decision-maker confronts a complex business issue. Some ask Marcum for advice and make the right decision. Others decide to go it alone and make the wrong one. Either way, we pull back the curtain on the way different CEOs operate and allow the viewer to see them being painfully honest about their successes and failures. Results: It is too soon to share quantitative results for this recently-launched campaign.

FS Investments

You can’t promise that. Can you?

The Work:

FS Investments is a leading asset manager that provides access to alternative sources of income and growth once accessible to only large institutions. Unlike consumer advertising, you can’t promise superior performance in financial services advertising. Even if true. Because that whole thing about “past performance is not indicative of future results” is, well, true. So how do you give investors confidence that FS’ investments are (okay, “could be”) better than any other investment? By dialing into a simple truth- that peak performance can only be obtained when an investment is thoughtfully designed. This new brand campaign for FS Investments features a trio of beautifully designed products. And draws parallels between their craftsmanship and the skill it takes to design a truly revolutionary investment. Results: Confidentiality prevents us from sharing results for this campaign launched in early October, 2017 beyond click-through rates that are twice the industry average. But FS Investment’s CMO did nominate us for this award, so we guess they can’t be too bad.

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