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The Gramercy Institute is pleased to announce its 2020 Financial Content Marketing Awards, honoring excellence in financial content marketing.

Content-as-marketing has proven to be a highly-effective and extremely-efficient means for financial marketers to connect in meaningful ways with core target audiences. 

The result: content marketing has become a significant plank in nearly every

financial marketing platform. 


This award was established to recognize excellence & achievement in



Entry Deadline: August 31, 2020 ($325)


Judging will be carried out by a panel of financial services marketing leaders from the world's top financial, media and marketing brands.

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Who Can Enter?


Any company (agency, publisher, financial firm, marketing services provider) that has conceived and/or executed a content marketing execution within the past 18 months for the benefit of a financial services firm (corporate entries are also accepted). This includes:

  • Financial firms marketing their products or services

  • Insurance firms marketing their products or services

  • Agencies/consultancies

  • Media companies/publishers

  • Service providers to financial/insurance firms

  • Corporate (those marketing a corporation’s financial performance to key audiences)


To enter, financial firms (and their partners) that have conceived and/or executed financial content marketing work in the past 18 months are encouraged to complete this online entry form and simply click submit.

Honoring Winning Teams

  • A congratulatory roster of categories and winners will be published and distributed to Gramercy Institute’s global financial marketing community in mid-September.

  • Shortly thereafter (and with the input from each winner), Gramercy Institute will publish a detailed communication on "2020: Excellence in Financial Content Marketing" to GI's global financial marketing community that includes brief description of each winning entry along with key facts and photo from each award-winning team. Trophies will be given to each award winning team.

  • Special "Best of" awards will be presented for "Best of Category-Single Country," "Best of Category-Multi Country" and "Best of Show."

  • Gramercy Institute will produce a special "Excellence in Financial Content Marketing" Webinar in October offered to Gramercy Institute's global financial marketing community that will congratulate all award winners on their entries and feature (live) the content marketing insights of winners of GI's "Best of" Awards.

  • This webinar will be recorded and distributed to all award winners for further social distribution by each winner. 

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