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Gramercy Forum Sponsor Benefits


The Gramercy Institute’s philosophy on sponsorship is that a sponsorship is a very unique opportunity, each with its own objectives.  This said, our overarching sponsorship mission is to empower our sponsors with the ability to “tell their story” to Gramercy Institute’s exclusive audiences of senior marketers from the world’s leading financial firms. These sponsor benefits (see below) apply to most Gramercy Institute forums. We are pleased to discuss other benefits on an individual basis. All benefits will be included in a written agreement prior to any sponsored event. 


Sponsors have the speaking options of either:

  • Participating as one of four/five panelists on a panel…or (if sponsors prefer instead)

  • Making a 10-15 minute presentation (topic & content to be approved by GI)

  • …or (if sponsors prefer instead)

  • Standing to say “Words of Welcome” (or similar) to the group at the event


Outbound Sponsor Acknowledgment:

  • Prominent sponsor logo exposure on:

  • Html Email Invitations to emailed to Gramercy Institute’s financial marketing network

  • Gramercy Institute dedicated registration website


Sponsor Exposure on:

Gramercy Institute Informational Site

  • Event Signage: Large vertical banner acknowledgment of collective sponsor logos at Forum


Event Handouts:

Sponsor logo prominently displayed:

  • On printed color agendas

  • (Optional) Sponsors may place stack of sponsor Info, research, white papers, etc. on special table at Forum


Verbal Acknowledgement:

  • Significant verbal thanks extended to sponsors at event in front of audience


Visual Acknowledgement:

  • Logo sponsorship acknowledgement displayed on program screen at event


Tickets to Attend:

  • Sponsors receive up to five (5) tickets for teammates and colleagues to attend at a branded table. Or, if you prefer, Gramercy Institute will seat marketers from financial firms to sit with you at your branded table. 


Post-Event Acknowledgement:

  • Sponsor Logo and acknowledgement to appear on event photo/key-point summary (pdf) distributed post-event to all attendees

  • Sponsor acknowledgement given on post-event Linkedin discussion Group.

  • Official “Sponsor” Status on Own Marketing and Press Materials:

  • Sponsor may use Gramercy Institute imagery and wording associated with each specific event along with its “Official Sponsor” status on its own press releases and promotional materials.


Lists & Contact Management:

  • Sponsor Will Receive a List of all speaker/panelists (names, titles & companies)

  • The Gramercy Institute is Pleased to Introduce (via email) any speaker/panelist who the sponsor did not have opportunity to meet (post fact) via email.


Additional Benefits:

Additional benefits may be worked out on a one-to-one basis, based on specific sponsor objectives. The most important benefit the Gramercy Institute provides is to empower our sponsors to effectively “Tell Their Story” to Our Highly Exclusive audiences of senior marketers from the world’s leading financial brands.

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