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2022: Changing Dynamics in
Asset Management Marketing

A Study For Marketing Decision-Makers at Leading Asset Management Firms

Gramercy Institute has undertaken an in-depth study designed to yield intelligence to guide and benefit marketing decision makers at leading asset management firms. This study is being constructed on the heels of series of extensive in-depth interviews with leading asset management marketers. 


There exists opportunity for a number of leading asset management companies to commission their own unique, custom company-specific version of this industry study. This custom version is confidential to each individual participating asset management firm. The study is designed to provide CMOs and top marketing team members key insights into shifting marketing and media trends within the asset management field and assess how they compare to these same dynamics at their own respective companies.

Survey responses will be tabulated from marketing team members (from all levels) at select asset management firms. Each “custom-version” participant firms will be asked to submit between five and 20 surveys each to be completed by their own marketing team members.  

Price to participate: $4,495, per asset management firm

Study Participation Reservation Deadline: October 20, 2021



  • Deliverable report is designed as a tool for CMO’s and senior marketing team members seeking to better manage their team—and better interpret shifting industry dynamics to top firm leadership.

  • Participant asset management firms may compare their own team’s response averages to entire industry averages.  

  • Comparative custom breakdowns are also available according to media budget, marketing budget, marketing team size or firm AUM.

  • Custom reports are confidential for each specific participating asset management firm.

  • Price is structured to be affordable for all asset management firms ($4,495 per custom report)


Participation Deadline: October 20, 2021


 A Study To Benefit Marketing Decision-Makers at Leading Asset Management Firm


Intelligence will be gathered in these specific areas: 


Asset Management Marketing- Shifting Dynamics

  • Agency support  levels

  • Changing importance levels of marketing vs sales

  • Company-wide support levels for marketing

  • Marketing management structural tendencies

  • Work-from-home tendencies for asset management marketing teams


Asset Management Marketing- Human Capital: 

  • Attracting the right marketing talent

  • CMO salary expectations

  • Diversity hiring sentiments

  • Entry level marketer compensation

  • HR support & understanding for marketing

  • Marketing compensation levels vs other departments


Asset Management Marketing- Marketing Strategies 

  • Changing sales & marketing relationships

  • C-Suite Buy-in to Marketing

  • Cultural Company-wide support for marketing

  • Favored messaging types by marketers

  • Perceived marketing budget adequacy levels

  • Perceived marketing effectiveness


Asset Management Marketing- Media

  • Agency vs in-house media buying trends

  • Most effective digital media platforms

  • Perceived media effectiveness levels

  • Social media’s promise in asset management


Participant asset management firms are provided with comparisons of their own marketing team sentiments against an average of all participating asset management marketing firms. In addition (and significantly) breakdown comparisons will be provided according to:

-Media budget groupings

-Marketing budget groupings

-Marketing team Size groupings

-AUM groupings

Participation Deadline: October 20, 2021

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