Financial Marketer TV is a series of 26, live webinar-based CMO interviews taking place over the next 12 months. Yet, much more than this, Financial Marketer TV is a “system.” It is a business development system designed to build business for 30 unique media/partner subscribers. 


  • Financial Marketer TV is a year-long biz dev SYSTEM for media and marketing partners.

  • This is not news or entertainment. Financial Marketer TV is real time INTELLIGENCE.

  • Social distance today limits how partners UNDERSTAND marketing/media needs of financial firms.

  • LISTENING to client needs (expressed and subtle) is THE key to biz dev success in financial marketing.

  • EXCLUSIVITY matters. We limit our media/marketing partner subscribers to only 30.

  • Our 30 PARTNER SUBSCRIBERS are on the front lines and inside track.

  • Financial Marketing TV is LIVE PROGRAMMING—direct from highest levels of top financial firms. Your job is to respond.

  • 26 Conversations/26 Top Leaders/26 Hours: DELIVERED directly to your desktop in real time.  

  • No travel expense. No entertainment expense. Nothing but LIVE INSIGHTS.

  • Is there ANY BETTER WAY to retrieve exclusive intelligence from this high a level of financial marketer?

  • Financial Marketer TV is AFFORDABLE. Subscribers Receive 3 Passes to 26 live interviews.  That’s only $25 per person/per interview.


  • Experience 26 CMO (or very senior) One-hour Interviews in 12 months.

  • Speaker Roster: Top marketing leaders at major financial brands.

  • Exclusivity: Only 30 media and marketing partner firms may subscribe.

  • Subscribers receive: 1 “Business Lead” Subscriber Pass to attend 26 CMO Interviews

  • Subscribers receive: 2 “Team” Subscriber Passes to attend 26 CMO Interviews (these passes may be used by any team-member at your company).

  • All 26 hours of programing will be recorded and emailed directly to all 30 subscribers for post-fact viewing and analysis (by you and your team).

  • Live Q&A from subscribers will be incorporated into each interview.

  • All interview subjects will receive a partner company description and contact info for each subscribing company for reference and familiarity.


Price: $1995/year/company


Thursday, October 1, 2020

David Master, CMO, Janus Henderson Investors

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Allison Baird, CMO, Boston Private


Thursday, October 29, 2020

Matt Doubleday, CMO, Wintrust Financial Corporation


January 2021

Marty Willis, CMO, Nuveen



CONFIDENTIAL: All speakers listed below have expressed serious interest in participating as interview subjects in this series. Because there is often an approval process in place, not all speakers listed have yet been approved. This said, in its current state, this list is tentative, confidential and not for public use.


  • Benji Baer, Chief Marketing Officer, CBRE

  • Allison Baird, Chief Marketing Officer, Boston Private 

  • Lauren Boyman, Chief Marketing Officer, KPMG US

  • Tammy Cash, Executive Vice President, Head of Marketing, Horizons ETFs

  • Matt Dunn, EVP, Global Head of Digital Marketing, PIMCO

  • Kirstin Falk, Managing Director, Brand Activation, Charles Schwab

  • Jennifer Grazel, Chief Marketing Officer, RBC Capital Markets

  • Megan Hanley, Chief Marketing Officer, Freedom Financial

  • Daniel Harley, Head, Retail Marketing Strategy, Vanguard

  • Michael Kazanjian, Chief Marketing Officer, Prudential Annuities

  • Michael Lacorazza, EVP, Chief Marketing Officer-Head of Integrated Marketing, Wells Fargo

  • Eileen Lynch, Chief Marketing Officer, Refinitive

  • David Master,Global Chief Marketing Officer, Janus Henderson Investors

  • Emily Pachuta, Chief Marketing & Analytics Officer-Americas, Invesco Distributors, Inc.

  • Gretchen Parks, Executive Dir, Global Brand Team, Head, Wealth Management, JP Morgan

  • Jeremy Skule, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, NASDAQ

  • Ben Stuart, Chief Marketing & Communication Officer,  Bank of The West

  • Elaine Sullivan, Chief Marketing Officer, Eaton Vance

  • Stephen Tisdalle, Chief Marketing Officer, State Street Global Advisors

  • Meredith Verdone, Chief Marketing Officer, Bank of America

  • Vinoo Vijay, Chief Marketing Officer, H&R Block

  • Tom McEntee, Chief Marketing Officer, NBT Bank

  • Marty Wills, Chief Marketing Officer, Nuveen

  • Christophe Woermann, Chief Marketing Officer, Corporate Bank, Deutsche Bank

  • Additional interview subjects to be added 


Price: $1995/year/company


“Business development in the financial marketing space is more about listening than it is about speaking.”


We, in the financial services marketing industry, find ourselves in unusual times right now. In this era of social distance we find ourselves challenged to connect with colleagues and business decision-makers. Further, understanding the nuance of what clients at leading financial institutions want and then serving it up to them is a challenge felt industry-wide.

Gramercy Institute has launched Financial Marketer TV in response to these challenges. 


Make no mistake. Financial Marketer TV is much more than interesting. It is more than information. For those marketing media and marketing partners seeking to work with the world’s largest and most important financial brands, Financial Marketer TV is a “system.” It is a biz dev system available to only 30 subscribing media and marketing partners.

Gramercy Institute was founded in 2002. And, I’ve been in this industry for many years before that. I have always been of the belief that the most relevant, long-lasting and durable partnership arrangements are crafted through listening—not through talking. Potential partners in financial marketing need to listen to what leaders at financial brands are really saying before serving up potential solutions. Sometimes these needs can be overtly expressed. And sometimes these needs are hinted at or expressed in subtones and subtlety.  Partnership needs to begin with understanding and that is what Financial Marketer TV is all about.  

Bill Wreaks, 

CEO & Chief Analyst,

Gramercy Institute

“Business development in the financial marketing space is more about listening than it is about speaking. Financial Marketer TV is a business development system”

-Bill Wreaks

Financial Marketer TV is a selling system for media and marketing partners to uncover and understand the true needs of the world’s leading financial brands—before the rest of the industry does. Moreover, it affords these subscribing partner brands the authentic opportunity to suggest the right solutions that these financial brands need and that the right partner brands can provide. That’s why we are strictly limiting the number of media and marketing partners to 30. This system is designed to develop business.


Financial Marketer TV will serve-up 26 CMO (or extremely senior) one-hour, one-on-one interviews to no more than 30 subscribers from September 2020 to September 2021. Each interview will include questions on industry direction and own-company initiatives, both planned and currently in the works. Interview subjects will cover a wide selection of types of financial firms. The job of the subscriber is then to listen, take notes and, after the interview, connect with each company with solutions that might meet their needs.


I truly believe that after 26 hours of in-depth conversations with the top marketers from the world’s leading financial brands, this series will be one of the most valuable sources for financial marketing business development in any tool kit.