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Strategic Excellence in Financial Marketing

Please join Gramercy Institute as it honors strategic excellence in financial services marketing through this engaging forum and award presentation.

This high-impact event gathers together strategic marketing leaders from the world’s top financial brands and agencies. The event takes place in New York City on March 9, 2023 (8:00AM-12:30PM).  Our focus will be “Strategic Excellence in Financial Marketing.”  

Here, we will host a full morning of panel discussions and presentations.  In addition, we will present this year’s winners of our (20th Annual) Gramercy Institute Financial Marketing Strategy Awards. “Best of Category” and “Best of Show” award winners will be announced LIVE at the event! 

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8:00  BREAKFAST: Breakfast is Served

8:30  OPENING REMARKS: The Power of Strategy in 2023

  • Bill Wreaks, Gramercy Institute 

8:50  PANEL: Brand Power: The Importance of Strategy in Managing The Financial Brand

  • Jane Ackerman, Director, Head, US Business Marketing, RBC Capital Markets 

  • Jill Deardorff, President & CEO, Deardorff

  • Ted Gullo, Director & Group, Manager, Global Marketing, BNY Mellon

  • Paul Leibowitz, Chief Creative Officer, Leibowitz

  • Kevin Steen, Principal, Sullivan

9:25  PRESENTATION: The 5 Keys To Successful Growth Marketing

  • Kurt Genden, Co-Founder, Managing Partner, TrueVoice Growth Marketing

9:45  PANEL: Be Bigger: Growth Marketing Strategies for Success in Financial

  • Kurt Genden, Co-Founder, Managing Partner, TrueVoice Growth Marketing

  • Sheri Gilcrest, Chief Marketing, Officer, MissionSquare Retirement

  • Lynda Koster, Co-founder & Managing Partner, Growthential

  • Meghan McCartan, Chief Marketing Officer, Hightower Advisors

10:20  BREAK: Coffee, Refreshments & Conversation 

10:50  PANEL: Content Strategy: Guiding Financial Prospects Into Financial Clients & Customers

  • Kim Hanson, Managing Director & Head, Thought Leadership Content, BMO Financial Group

  • Jim Misener, CEO, 50,000ft

  • Andy Seibert, Founder & CEO, IMPRINT 

  • Kara Valentine, Chief Marketing Officer, Transcend Capital Advisors

  • Anthony Vitalone, Head, Global Digital & Marketing Operations, Van Eck

  • Catherine Weigel, Director, Marketing Communications, Sprott

11:25  PRESENTATION: 2023: Trends & Directions in Financial Media

  • Kimberly Boone, Managing Director-Americas, Ptarmigan Media

11:45  PANEL: Financial Media: Everything Rides on The Right Media Strategy

  • Esahak Arefaine, Digital Strategist, FS Investments

  • David Blackburn, Head, Digital Marketing, ProShares

  • Adam Klareich, Director, Ptarmigan Media - Americas

  • Diane Laura, Global Marketing Leader-Analytics, Marsh

  • Grace Mistry, Head, Marketing, B2B & Personal Wealth, BMO Financial Group

  • Rory Vogel, Senior Director, InvestingChannel

12:20  AWARD PRESENTATION: The 20th Annual Gramercy Institute Financial Marketing Strategy Awards 


12:40  “BEST OF” AWARD PRESENTATION: The 20th Annual Gramercy Institute Financial Marketing Strategy Awards 

  • Best of Category Awards

  • Best of Show Award

12:45  Forum & Award Presentation Closes



Event Date: Thursday, March 9, 2023 (8:00AM-12:45PM)

includes breakfast, breaks & moderated program.

Location: 3 West Club | 3 West 51st New York, NY 10019

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