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Gramercy Partner Interview Program


The Gramercy Institute is pleased to provide its member financial firms along with the entire Gramercy Institute community a highly relevant interview series designed to provide material insights into current financial services marketing best practices.  Financial brand and marketing leaders, senior agency executives and leading service partner interviews are included within this series.  Each interview consists of five thoughtful questions posed to the interview subject to be answered in Q & A fashion.


A limited number of Gramercy Institute marketing partners will be invited to participate in these interviews each year through our Gramercy Partner Interview Program (GPIP). Interview subjects will be informative in nature to senior marketers at major financial firms and ultimately subject to the editorial approval of the Gramercy Institute.


Gramercy Partner Interview Program Details


  • An initial substantive conversation will take place between Gramercy Institute and interview subject to determine relevancy and general direction of information to be shared

  • Gramercy Institute will issue seven questions to each interview subject

  • Interview subject will select six questions to respond to, from this list of seven

  • Gramercy Institute will select the five best responses from the subject’s completed six responses

  • Full interview will be posted to Gramercy Institute site under the “Wreaks Speaks” section

  • Photos of both subject and interviewer will be posted on this site adjacent to interview

  • Gramercy Institute will send out a “teaser” html email to its worldwide community promoting interview

  • Gramercy will send follow-up html email “teaser” to Gramercy network members further promoting interview

  • Gramercy Institute will promote interview via relevant social channels

  • Interview subject may promote interview through own appropriate channels

  • Interview subject may reprint this interview or repurpose it in appropriate ways, with appropriate editorial credit

  • Interview subject may direct traffic to posted Gramercy interview in appropriate ways (via social media, email, etc.)

  • Posted interviews will include URL of interview subject’s site

  • Posted interview will include “for more information” email address of interview subject

  • Interview will remain live on Gramercy Institute site for up to one year

  • Please Note:  A link to the “Wreaks Speaks” section of GI’s site will be placed on the bottom of all (over 150 per year!) event emails sent out by the Gramercy Institute to the financial marketing community.  This link will account for many, many, many more interview viewers during the course of the year than originally driven by the first two emails sent.




OPTION 1: One (1) Five-Question Interview: $2000

Includes Interview Production, Publishing & Distribution



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