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In-Depth Financial Marketing Conversations For Unusual Times

Gramercy Institute has been moderating about a 90 different financial marketing panel discussions each year.  We’ve been doing it since 2002. For obvious reasons, a live-action, in-person panel discussion is not in the stars for our industry now or in the weeks ahead. Still, it doesn’t mean that the brightest minds in the industry cannot step forward to share their thinking in a virtual format for the intellectual benefit of our entire industry. So, here you have it.


It should be noted that, when asked about this idea, our good friends at InvestingChannel immediately stepped to the plate to underwrite this series of five virtual expert panel discussions over the course or six weeks. Each will has a different theme and the series will feature a wide range of experts in our field. 


Gramercy Institute extends our deepest gratitude to InvestingChannel for making this valuable series possible.


What Now, Financial Marketing? An In-Depth Expert Conversation on Whether to Market, What to Market & How to Market During This Unusual Time in Financial Services

  • Patrick Kelly, Senior Vice President, Havas Media Group

  • Geoffrey Underwood, VP Director of Brand Marketing, Eaton Vance

  • Bob Verrico, Founder & Executive Chairman, InvestingChannel


An Expert Virtual Panel Discussion

Conducting these interviews is Bill Wreaks.

Gramercy Institute welcomes your feedback as well as your suggestions for future topics.


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Demand Leads To MarketingIs There Ample Demand For Financial Products & Services In This Crisis Environment?

An In-Depth Expert Conversation on Demand for Financial Services in These Unusual Times

  • Rebecca W. Bales, Global Head of Marketing, Issuer Services, BNY Mellon

  • Alison Bloch, Vice President, Integrated Media Strategy, J.P. Morgan

  • Valerie Constable, SVP, Client Business Partner, UM

  • Bob Verrico, Founder & Executive Chairman, InvestingChannel


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Which Financial Media Work Best, Right Now?

Financial Media in A Pandemic World:

What Media Channels Work Best (Right Now) to Connect Financial Firms with Target Audiences? An In-Depth Expert Conversation with:

  • Michael Bosco, Director Cross-Channel Media, TD Ameritrade

  • Andrew Goldman, Sr. Director, Content & Engagement Marketing, TIAA 

  • Bob Verrico, Founder & Executive Chairman, InvestingChannel

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Messaging & Tonality During Uncertain Times

Communicating with Financial Audiences in the Here & Now

This interview is the fourth of five in a series of interviews designed to bring clarity to the financial marketing industry at an uncertain time. An In-Depth Expert Conversation With:

  • Meghan McCarthy, SVP, Media & Activation Services, Fusion92

  • Kristie Tillinghast, Vice President, Advertising & Media, State Street Global Advisors

  • Bob Verrico, Founder & Executive Chairman, InvestingChannel


Recent Gramercy Institute research reveals that 73.3% of financial marketers characterize that a majority of their outbound messaging is crisis-specific. These industry experts explain their thoughts on why.

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