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  Gramercy Institute is proud to celebrate the work and leadership its 2020 honorees for The Gramercy Institute Financial Marketing Leadership Awards. 


EMI Strategic Marketing Advisors

Citizens Commercial Banking Brand Relaunch: Leading a group of senior executives to align on a new brand identity is inherently difficult. Key elements are largely subjective yet must connect with the target audience while standing out from the crowd. EMI understood this reality as they facilitated a rebranding initiative with Citizens Commercial Banking in under 4 months. From the start, collaboration was critical to establishing a clear brand ethos and roadmap for the rest of the project. Transparency and candor were paramount to every conversation to avoid spending time on concepts that wouldn’t make the final cut. Humor was welcome, fostering trust, maintaining morale and encouraging creative risk-taking.

Team: Greg Smith, Bill Harrison, Mark Malloy, Sally Hayward, Emily Burbridge, Sarah Hook, Max McKee


Dotdash Finance: A talented group of marketers and creatives, the Dotdash Finance team believes that a data-driven, strategic approach to campaigns delivers the most successful results for brands across the financial services industry. Leveraging 20+ years of content trends and behavioral data, the team creates a clear vision for programs and offers partners a way to engage with readers in a meaningful way. Combined with our elegant ad experience and custom content executions, the Dotdash Finance team consistently provides strong performance for clients and remains a dedicated partner to media agencies and financial marketing firms.


In-Depth Financial Marketing Conversations For Unusual Times: Amidst the unprecedented and staggering social and economic disruption prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic, which included the largest recession since The Great Depression, this team quickly united to form an expert consortium that developed a series of virtual panels to share best practices for the financial services marketing industry during an uncertain time. The series launched less than a month after an abrupt social distancing mandate that prompted entire marketing teams to work from home.

Team: (in alphabetical order by Last Name): Michael Arnold, Media Director, IHS Markit Digital; Rebecca W. Bales, Global Head of Marketing, Issuer Services, BNY Mellon; Alison Bloch, Vice President, Integrated Media Strategy, J.P. Morgan; Michael Bosco, Director Cross-Channel Media, TD Ameritrade; Valerie Constable, SVP, Client Business Partner, UM; Andrew Goldman, Sr. Director, Content & Engagement Marketing, TIAA; Jeffrey Hill, Managing Director, IHS Markit Digital; Patrick Kelly, Senior Vice President, Havas Media Group; Meghan McCarthy, SVP, Media & Activation Services, Fusion92; Naharika Shah, Chief Marketing Officer, The TIFIN Group; Kristie Tillinghast, Vice President, Advertising & Media, State Street Global Advisors; Geoffrey Underwood, VP Director of Brand Marketing, Eaton Vance; Bob Verrico, Founder & Executive Chairman, InvestingChannel; Laura White, VP, Marketing, Voya; Bill Wreaks, CEO & Chief Analyst, Gramercy Institute

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