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  Gramercy Institute is proud to celebrate the work and leadership its 2020 honorees for The Gramercy Institute Financial Marketing Leadership Awards. 


Accelerate Strategies & T. Rowe Price
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T. Rowe Price Retirement Messaging Strategy Initiative: The Retirement Messaging Strategy Program is one of T. Rowe Price's key 2020 initiatives to support the global distribution team and key strategic priorities to evolve the brand. The firm recognized that it had an opportunity to create consistency around its retirement messaging to help elevate the brand’s leadership position in the retirement marketplace. The Global Brand Marketing team, working in concert with its strategic marketing/brand consultant, Accelerate Strategies LLC, embarked on a year-long strategic marketing program. Leveraging change management principles, the program delivered an approved enterprise-level retirement positioning/messaging framework and tailored messaging briefs for each of their key target audiences.

Team: Sylvia Toense (T. Rowe Price), Daniel Morris (T. Rowe Price), Donna MacFarland (Accelerate)

BlackRock iShares & The Wall Street Journal | Barron's Group

Fund Your Vision for BlackRock iShares: Fund Your Vision has its origins in one simple question: Can ETFs be entertaining? While it didn't take long for the teams at The Trust: WSJ|Barron’s Group and BlackRock iShares to answer in the affirmative, the program has become much more than a comedic showcase for Saturday Night Live alum Sasheer Zamata—whose narration leapfrogs from factor investing and diversification to riffs on an alien who lives inside her refrigerator. On the heels of this deeply collaborative partnership, Fund Your Vision has become one of the richest, most authoritative primers on ETFs available anywhere, whether you're a neophyte investor or a veteran financial advisor.

Team: Dayna Webber, Charlsie Gregory, Edgardo Sanchez, Will Misselbrook, Gabi Flora, Darrell Kirton, Mack Gelber, Annette Vazquez, Christopher Heireth, Nam Le, Ameet Doshi, Eva Rudman, Christopher Konowitz, Markia Freeman Client Team: Heather Taylor, Grace Christus

Imprint & FlexShares

FlexShares Advisor Teams and Diversity Thought Leadership: The FlexShares/Imprint team produced original “thought leadership” from FlexShares’ proprietary Advisor Teams and Diversity Study. The study examined the motivations and mechanics of building advisor teams and hiring for diversity in age, gender, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation or disability. It was conducted alongside a high-net-worth investor survey to gauge investors’ perspectives about diversity. Utilizing the study findings, the team created a robust content program for FAs about the diversity imperative and investors’ advisor hiring preferences, and provided actionable practice management solutions. The thought leadership resulting from this study is extremely timely given the larger discussions that are taking place around diversity and racial equality.

Team: Laura Gregg, Director of Practice Management and Advisor Research, FlexShares b. David Partain, CMO, FlexShares c. Meg Staknis, Managing Director, Imprint d. Ashley Brenner, Creative Director, Imprint e. Dan Davenport, Editorial Director, Imprint f. Julissa Ortiz, Director, Imprint g. Pierce Kinnally, Visual Designer, Imprint

Eaton Vance & MERGE

Calvert Brand and Digital Experience: Eaton Vance and MERGE’s relationship began in 2018. Our initial focus was on enhancing analytics and building a DTC experience for the Calvert brand. Since then mutual respect for each other’s knowledge and experience and the collaborative relationship has led to numerous engagements and strong outcomes. Specifically, our teamwork led to the branding, positioning, redesign and launch of the Calvert brand and digital experience to capitalize on Calverts legacy and leadership position in responsible investing. Our collective work includes website design and development, content development, media planning, campaign strategy and execution, measurement and more.

Team: Eaton Vance Mike Berman, AVP, Senior Content Manager, Jerry Catt, Lead Web Developer, Sheila Cecchi, AVP, Digital Experience Manager, Jin Chung, VP, Digital Strategy & Brand Marketing, Martha Crowley, Senior Business Analyst, Collette Kennan, VP, Director of Distribution Systems, Tim Mamis, VP, Creative Director of Brand Marketing, Anne Matusewicz, AVP, Senior Responsible Investments Product Manager, Anne Richardson, Chief Operating Officer, Chris Rohan, VP, Director of North America Retail & Institutional Marketing, Caroline Spellman, Sr. Digital Marketing Manager, Geoffrey Underwood, Director of Brand Marketing MERGE: Lori Curran, VP Media Director, Jason Budelmann, VP Strategy & Analytics, Matthew Hameroff, Director of Program Management, Rich Heald, VP, Strategy, Jon Ianelli, EVP, Managing Director, Evan Lavidor, EVP Technology, Becky Minervino, Chief Strategy Officer, Birch Norton, EVP Creative Director, Brodie Rich, Creative Director, Stephanie Rogers, EVP Contact Planning, Kara Tierney SVP, Account Director

Sullivan & Millennium Management

Millennium Management: For thirty years, Millennium believed results speak for themselves—that marketing isn’t essential when you have the highest quality, most consistent returns in the industry. The team helped prove marketing isn’t limited to gaining new clients, but can drive employee recruitment—crucial when growth depends on attracting top talent. Sullivan created a powerful narrative: Millennium architected one of the most proven organizational operating systems in the industry through constant evolution. Every employee plays a critical role. A strategy is only as effective as its execution. Sullivan and Millennium brought it to life across a new website, videos, intranet, social approach, and communications.

Team: Sullivan–Nicole Ferry, Bernie Conley, Jordan Heber, Richard Smith,

Andres Sanchez 

Millennium:–Jenni Friedman, Joe Snodgrass

Ptarmigan Media

Ptarmigan Media Leadership: They have developed and executed highly strategic plans for JPMAM, with the highlight being the custom thought leadership video series Solve It, in partnership with CNBC. Not only do they serve as media / marketing support for JPMAM, but they also provide input around content and creative, conduct brand studies, onboard new tools, and provide unparalleled value in their knowledge of the financial landscape both locally and globally. They have worked diligently to form a holistic media strategy, but pivoted quickly to launch a heavy-up plan during the early stages of COVID-19, while continuing to manage all other global campaigns.

Team: Christine Calicchio, Andrea Zaldumbide, Zach Perreten, Bonnie Sullivan, Samantha Bennett, Alexandra Pankina

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