Gramercy Institute Podcast Interview Series 

Strategic Excellence in Financial Marketing, with Bill Wreaks,

Chief Analyst, Gramercy Institute

Gramercy Institute is pleased to announce a special opportunity for financial marketing’s top minds to share back-stories and best practices of their strategic success with Gramercy Institute’s global financial marketing audience. 


  • Program Exclusivity: Program open exclusively to winners of 2020 Gramercy Financial Marketing Strategy Awards

  • Strategy Award Winners interviewed in own words on their successful financial marketing strategy

  • Virtual Interviews: Entrants and clients interviewed by GI via recorded phone interview

  • Discussion: Focuses on strategic marketing excellence as evidenced by award winning submissions

  • 30-40 minute podcast interviews

  • Podcasts each promoted separately to GI’s Global Network of 4000 senior financial marketing professionals

  • No charge to podcast listeners

  • GI crafts interview questions prior to recording session

  • Names of companies accessing interview shared with each interview subject

  • Interviews available on Gramercy site for 12 months for future access

  • Full series promoted

  • Interview subjects may link to promote podcast separately

  • Program frequency: 2-4 times a month

  • Program is limited


Price: $2,495 per 30-minute Podcast Interview

(Includes prep, production, distribution to global community & archiving)


Discounted Price: $1,995 (First 6 Gramercy Strategy Award Winners to Sign-Up)

The following award winning teams are exclusively invited to participate in this important podcast series on strategic excellence in financial marketing.

Gramercy Institute Podcast Promotion Plan

  • Each podcast in the series will be promoted individually as well as collectively, as part of the series.

  • Each Podcast will be promoted with two (2) dedicated Html emails to the Gramercy global network of financial services marketers (4,000 professionals).

  • Each promo Html email will include brief written excerpt from podcast.

  • Each promo Htmil email will include logo of subject interview and contact “for information” email address.

  • The Podcast series will be promoted, as a series, via html to the Gramercy global network in at least five (5) separate html emails over 12 months.

  • Each Podcast will remain available for download from the Gramercy Institute site for up to one year.

  • Gramercy Institute will promote each podcast via social channels.

  • Each interview subject may promote the download of each podcast separately from Gramercy Institute.

Gramercy Podcast Series: Strategetic Excellence in Financial Marketing

Hosting these podcasts is Bill Wreaks, Chief Analyst, Gramercy Institute.

For more information regarding podcast series sponsorships email us.

Price: $2,495 per 30-minute Podcast Interview (Includes prep, production, distribution to global community & archiving)

Discounted Price: $1,995 (First 6 Gramercy Strategy Award Winners to Sign-Up)


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