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“The Financial Marketing Up-Front”

August 18, 2020

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Social distancing has affected the way marketers can meet their partners this fall—but nothing has changed the fact that in 2021, leading financial brands will have distinct marketing needs that only the perfect marketing partners can satisfy.


Gramercy Institute's 2021 Great Financial Marketing & Media Showcase is a webinar-based catalyst for partnership introduction and reinforcement between today's leading financial brands and the most innovative and reliable marketing and media partners in the world. This 4-webinar "showcase" will take place in four 90-minute segments (11:30 AM to 1:00 PM NYC Local Time). Here financial media and marketing partners will be expressing their services and their unique value propositions in an informative, organized and controlled webinar environment designed to benefit both the financial brands as well as potential partners.

Join Us Next Time!

For info on your company joining "The Great 2021 Financial Marketing & Media Showcase" as either an "Exhibitor"

or as an "Attendee," contact:



DiMassimo Goldstein (DiGo – pronounced DEE-go)

Named as “One of the foremost world-changing agencies” by Fast Company, DiMassimo Goldstein (DiGo) is trusted by sophisticated marketers and committed change agents to understand complex situations quickly and bring forward highly effective creative solutions. DiGo is brand planners, designers, writers, marketers, data storytellers, technologists, social and digital media experts, project managers, producers, artists and brand leaders – all of them change agents. Our clients, from start-ups to blue chips, have built legendary brands that inspire action.

Presenter: Mark DiMassimo, Founder, Creative Chief


Imprint Content

Imprint is a full-service content marketing agency, based in New York, with offices in Boston and San Francisco. We help our clients build meaningful relationships with their customers through actionable and measurable content. We work with clients across a variety of industries, but our core expertise is in financial services. Our services include content strategy, editorial planning, creative development, distribution and measurement. During the past 6 months, our teams have been busy helping clients transform their marketing programs to reflect the social distancing/remote environment we are now in – including the development of sales enablement programs, interactive content and video.

Presenter: Ken Williams, Managing Director, Imprint Content



Jornaya is the only company who can provide modern financial marketers with access to the earliest behavioral buying signals for customers and prospects to help them retain current customers, grow relationships with existing customers, and establish new relationships. Working with a network of partners who operate more than 35,000 comparison shopping and lead generation sites, Jornaya has proprietary access to data in markets where customers invest significant time researching, analyzing and comparing options on major purchases, including banking, insurance, mortgage, real estate, automotive, loans and higher education. Jornaya currently partners with more than 1,000 publishers, lead sellers, lead generators and performance marketers across the country to improve the efficacy of their marketing programs and ensure compliance with current and future privacy regulations.

Presenter: Rich Smith, Chief Marketing Officer, Jornaya


Leibowitz Branding & Design

We are a mid-size agency that creates brands, websites and marketing materials with lasting impact, and our nimble size and service-oriented approach sets us apart. We collaborate with financial clients of all sizes, from large institutions to small asset and wealth managers, and our keen familiarity with the industry assures a crucial understanding of specific challenges and minute details unique to financial services, and your diverse audiences. We believe that collaboration results in better work. And our clients seem to agree, with many of them considering us an extension of their internal teams.

Presenter: Paul Leibowitz, President & Chief Creative Officer,

Leibowitz Branding & Design

sullivan logo-stack.png


Barbara Apple Sullivan founded Sullivan in 1990. Recognizing a gap in how she was being serviced as a client, Barbara identified the need for an agency to help organizations of consequence with complex ecosystems reach their constituencies at critical moments of decision, rather than

simply focusing on high-level brand and awareness building. With this in mind, she launched Sullivan and has grown the firm into a highly strategic group of more than 40 employees serving clients across the higher education, financial and technology industries. Clients come to us with help on their branding, customer and employee engagement, and sales enablement.

Presenter: Nancy Schulman, Partner, Executive Director-Strategy, Financial Services Practice Lead, Sullivan

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