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Are Evolving ESG Narratives the Corporate Communications Challenge of the 2020’s?

A Webinar Panel Discussion

Please join the Gramercy Institute and Makovsky Integrated Communications, as our guests, for an important live webinar panel discussion as we discuss the importance of ESG to Corporate Communications today (and tomorrow). Our experienced panelists will discuss the trends that have led to this point, how companies and investors are reacting to the current environment, and how savvy leadership can effectively tap communications to find opportunities.

"Blackrock Turns Green!"

"GM Goes Electric!"

"Biden Admin Take Climate Action!"

2021 has barely begun, and ESG, CSR, DE&I are on the lips of every corporate board, institutional investor, endowment head, policy maker and investment banker in America. The stakes for understanding, navigating and communicating effective strategies on these critical issues have never been higher.

Opening Remarks: 

  • Ken Makovsky, CEO, Makovsky Integrated Communications


Panelists Include: 

  • Doug Hesney, EVP, Head, Financial & Professional Services, Makovsky Integrated Communications

  • Jim Sansevero, Partner, Brand Management,

      Lord Abbett

  • Patrick Waters, Head, Retirement & ESG Marketing, Wells Fargo Asset Management

  • Jeff Wilson, SVP, Marketing & Communication, Citizens Bank



  • Bill Wreaks, CEO & Chief Analyst, Gramercy Institute


Date: Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Time: 11:30-12:30PM ET

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