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Developing Effective Social Sales Engagement in Financial Marketing

A notable challenge for financial firms today is the full enablement of advisors to engage audiences through the power of social media. 


Join Bill Wreaks, CEO & Chief Analyst of the Gramercy Institute as he interviews Bill Finnegan, Managing Director, Financial Services Marketing at Seismic on Tuesday,

April 20 at 11:30 AM Eastern TimeThey will identify these challenges and discuss viable solutions for advisors to thoroughly tap social's marketing power and benefits. 


Bill Finnegan is managing director, financial services marketing at Seismic. Bill is responsible for leading Seismic’s go-to-market efforts globally within financial services and expanding Seismic’s foothold in three key sectors – asset management, wealth management, insurance and banking. 


Prior to Seismic, Bill was the Chief Marketing Officer for AMG and before that, Bill was Senior Managing Director of Global Retail Marketing at MFS.

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Bill Wreaks, Chief Analyst, Gramercy Institute

Bill is Chief Analyst of The Gramercy Institute. Based in New York City, GI is an industry think-tank focused on the intellectual needs of senior marketers from major financial firms. The Gramercy Institute is the largest global network of senior financial marketers in the world.