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Gramercy Institute's Gold Pass


The Gramercy Institute is pleased to offer a brand new program to agencies and other service and media providers to the financial services marketing industry.


The program is designed to offer participants maximum flexibility in programming choices,  along with substantial savings from standard Gramercy Institute sponsorship and ticket pricing (participants receive a 50% bonus in programming purchased within the 12 month membership period).  The crux of the program is that, in addition to other benefits, sponsors received $15K worth of ticket and sponsorship value to spend any way they wish (within 12 months) with the Gramercy Institute for only $10K (pre-paid). Participation in The Gramercy Institute’s Gold Pass Program is by invitation only.





  • SAVINGS: Gold Pass member companies receive $15K worth of ticket or sponsorship credit for use at any and all Gramercy Institute events for $10K. This credit remains “on account” for 12 full months.


  • FLEXIBILITy: Participant members receive tremendous flexibility to apply its $15K credit to any Gramercy Institute event in any of eight cities (Boston, Chicago, Hong Kong, New York, London, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Toronto). Also, the Gramercy Institute offers a variety of event formats to Gold Pass members.


  • ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Members will be acknowledged (verbally and on-screen) at every Gramercy Institute event within its 12 month membership period.


  • VALID FOR ALL GRAMERCY INSTITUTE EVENTS: Members may use its Gold Pass for any company team member in any market serviced by The Gramercy Institute (New York, Boston, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Toronto, London, Chicago, Philadelphia) at any scheduled event produced (see Gramercy Institute 2015 Calendar of Events).


  • SPONSORSHIP OR TICKETS: Members can use its Gramercy Gold Pass credit toward either sponsorship or toward its own team member event admission (or a combination of the two).


  • YOUR CLIENTS ARE INVITED TOO: Gold Pass members may also apply their “Gold Pass” credit toward event admission for clients (senior marketers at major financial firms).


  • RECHARGE YOUR GOLD PASS FOR MORE SAVINGS: Members may opt to “re-charge” their Gold Pass during their 12 month membership period. If a Gold Pass member wishes to add credit to its “Gold Pass”, it will receive the same 50% bonus to any additional credit purchased.


  • TRANSFER CREDIT TO NEXT YEAR: Up to 10% of a Gold Pass members’ remaining credit (up to $1500) can be applied beyond its 12 month membership period (if a Gold Pass member does not use the entire credit within its 12-month membership period).


  • EASY GOLD PASS REGISTRATION: The Gramercy Institute will provide each “Gold Pass” member company with a VIP link.  Member is free to sign-up to attend any event though this registration link. Sponsorships will be arranged separately.


  • PROGRAM PRICE:  $10K (Pre-Paid, Valid for 12 Months)

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Gold Pass

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