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Finance First is a video series conducted in partnership by Gramercy Institute and Google. Each quarter, Finance First hosts a new fast and fact-filled video to bring focus and perspective to today’s financial marketing community.

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Episode #3

Striking the Balance: Personalization and Privacy

Mike Henry, Managing Director, Google, interviews Tracy-Ann Lim, Chief Media Officer, JPMorgan Chase on her perspective on emerging trends in the financial services marketing category.


They discuss balancing personalization (ease, simplicity, convenience) with privacy, the bedrock of JPMorgan Chase's business, touch on framing audience targeting around needs, and Tracy-Ann Lim present steps to success change management: make the tough choices now, test and experiment, and plan for a multi-year program.

Episode #2

Is Digital Changing the Concept of Trust in Financial Services?

Gramercy Institute Interviews Jeff Kingsley, President & Chief Operating Officer, Known

Stability and strength in financial service providers are advantages of the past. Consumers today seek personalized products, user-friendly apps and easy integration to other services they use. In short, they seek brands that fit into their everyday lives. What might this shift mean to leading financial brands and the concept of "trust"?  What might this mean to the way financial services will be marketed moving forward?

Episode #1

Is “Trust” Evolving in Financial Services?

Gramercy Institute Interviews Mike Henry,

Managing Director, Financial Services, Google

Chime, Varo, SoFi, Lemonade. These are just a few new-to-the-scene financial/insurance brands that consumers are rapidly embracing. But why? How? Is the concept of trust in financial services brands changing? Are today’s most trusted brands in financial services the same brands that we’ve always known? Or are there newcomers earning consumer trust more quickly?

About Finance First

Each quarter the series explores a unique theme from different vantage points. Key themes include:


Q1: The Evolution of Consumer Trust in Financial

Q2: Engaging The Next Generation of Financial Consumers

Q3: The Future of Digital Financial Services

Q4: Toward A Higher Purpose: 2022 Outlook


Gramercy Institute CEO & Chief Analyst, Bill Wreaks, anchors this series. “The Google-Gramercy Institute team shines a spotlight on the most important issues driving our financial marketing  industry forward,” says Wreaks. “Each episode is designed to deliver rich and unique value to our audience.”

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