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New York, NY—July 14, 2016—Gramercy Institute announced today its 2016 roster of “The Most Valued Partners in Financial Marketing.”  Based in New York, Gramercy Institute is a leading think-tank for senior marketers from major financial firms around the world.


“In 2016, financial marketers must engage with true strategic partners in order to effectively compete,” explains Bill Wreaks, CEO & Chief Analyst of the Gramercy Institute. “We are a long way away from the days in which a marketing team only required the services or two or three partners.”  Today, financial marketers are relying on an increasing amount of strategic partner relationships.  Understanding which partners provide real value through true partnership can make a tremendous difference to the achievement of marketing success.” Wreaks adds, “Gramercy Institute is not awarding great vendors.  We are recognizing true partners.”  Wreaks points out that this “20 Most Valuable Partners in Financial Marketing” honor is designed to bring attention to those industry partner firms that are doing things right—in hopes that they might further inspire industry-wide excellence.



Gramercy Institute’s 2016 Most Valuable Partners in Financial Marketing


  • Barron’s

  • Captivate

  • Concept Farm

  • Dean Media/Fusion 92

  • Dianomi

  • DiMassimo Goldstein

  • Garfield Group

  • The Gate

  • Global Brand Works

  • Hearsay Social

  • KBS

  • Market Realist

  • Marketo

  • MMB

  • New York Stock Exchange (Listed Company Marketing)

  • Pensions & Investments

  • Ptarmigan Media

  • Quantcast

  • The Ricciardi Group

  • Thinkso

  • Water & Wall Group

  • Whitman Insight Strategies


Gramercy Institute recognizes a new “class” of “20 MVP’s in Financial Marketing” each year.  This year, the “20 Most Valuable Partners in Financial Marketing” roster was determined by an extensive assessment process.  First, all candidate firms were nominated by a client from a financial brand who was either currently, or had at one time, worked with the nominated partner.  Nominators provided an assessment of each nominee’s value to the financial firm’s marketing success, its innovation, its customer support levels, and its ability to delivery on expectations, etc.  Essays written by nominators were then evaluated and graded by an independent panel of nine judges. The judges, blindly, scored two essays for each nomination.  Nomination essays were written by nominators on the topics of both client commitment of the nominee and value delivered by the nominee.


2016 Judging Panel


  • Renee Baker, Sr. Manager, Mktg & Investor Relations, Aberdeen Asset Management

  • Jeffrey Kochie, Vice President, Marketing, Blackrock

  • Jacqueline Quasney, Senior Brand Manager, Personal Capital

  • Erin Meijer, Director, Thought Leadership and Content Strategy, Guardian Life

  • Amy Jackson, SVP, Content Marketing, Bank of America

  • Amy Sokotch, SVP, Media, Citibank

  • Francie Staub, Director, Digital Marketing, TD Ameritrade

  • Bryan VanDyke, Managing Director and Head of Digital, Morgan Stanley

  • Phillip Wang, SVP, Brand & Advertising, Wells Fargo Bank


The Gramercy Institute will honor the work and commitment of 2016’s  “20 Most Valuable Partners in Financial Marketing” at its Gramercy Financial Marketers’ Forum NYC which takes place on Thursday, September 29 2016 at The Down Town Association, 60 Pine Street, NYC.  More information on tickets to attend this forum and award ceremony.



About The Gramercy Institute:

Based in New York, the Gramercy Institute is a leading global network for senior marketers from the world’s leading financial institutions. Its member firms include 33 of the world’s leading financial institutions.  Its network spans a financial marketing community of over 6,000 industry professionals, worldwide.  GI hosts an annual calendar of over twenty-two conferences, summits, forums and award shows each year in leading financial hubs worldwide including Boston, Chicago, Hong Kong, London, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Toronto.


The mission of the Gramercy Institute is “to provide insight and information to senior marketers from the world’s leading financial brand while honoring and sharing the industry’s very best practices.”


Founded in 2002, The Gramercy Institute also provides research, analysis and consulting to the world’s top financial brands. The Gramercy Institute is led by Chief Executive Officer Bill Wreaks.  Wreaks is seasoned executive with over twenty-five years of experience servicing the marketing needs of the world’s leading financial brands.  Gramercy Institute also awards excellence in financial marketing strategy through its “Gramercy Financial Marketing Strategy Awards” and each year honors its “20 Rising Stars in Financial Marketing.”  To view 2015’s 20 MVP’s in Financial Marketing, click here.


The 20 Most Valuable Partners in Financial Marketing will be awarded on the morning of September 29th, 2016 at a special ceremony as part of Gramercy Forum: NYC.  The forum takes place at the at The Down Town Association, 60 Pine Street, NYC.



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