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Growing new client revenue to $5 billion wasn’t a matter of simple tactics for Wealth Enhancement Group, a national Minneapolis-based wealth management company. “It was a matter of alignment.” And that’s the subject of the Gramercy Institute’s winning Financial Marketing Strategy case study for Wealth Management with TrueVoice Growth Marketing, a hybrid, full funnel growth marketing agency and consultancy. 

Growth Marketing Explained—It’s All About “Organizational Alignment”

TrueVoice Growth Delivered $5 Billion in New Client Growth to Its Wealth Management Client

Gramercy Institute invites its constituents to enjoy this “Wreaks Speaks” interview with TrueVoice Growth Marketing’s Kurt Genden and Mushter Moin, as well their client, Utkarsh Patel, the former Chief Digital and Marketing Officer at

Wealth Enhancement Group.

Key Takeaways


  • How access to TrueVoice Growth Marketing’s proprietary data helped WEG identify and target 11.5 million people with investable assets of over $500,000. 

  • Why stepping back to consider organizational alignment and eliminating data silos between and within sales and marketing was the cornerstone of building a truly full-funnel approach to marketing — and to getting results.

  • What became possible when TrueVoice Growth Marketing’s partnership allowed WEG to precisely target increasingly more relevant and better defined prospects, ultimately collecting and “owning” a higher-quality pool of clients.

  • Client Utkarsh Patel’s advice for market leaders at financial services organizations that want to put themselves on the path of effective, full-funnel marketing strategy that has a positive impact on every moment of the customer journey.

For TrueVoice Growth questions email Kurt Genden.

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