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Unpack Today’s Most Relevant Financial Marketing Topics Through Fast-Paced Expert Video Interviews

Gramercy Institute has partnered with Tag to rally our global financial marketing community together around a series of important expert video interviews. Topics were selected based on what our industry needs to know more about—right now. 

This financial marketing interview series is highly relevant for our times and 

we encourage you to dive in!


Leveraging precision marketing to optimize ad performance at the point of decision can significantly accelerate time to purchase while decreasing cost per acquisition.

In this video, Mark Knowles, Tag’s General Manager of Creative Operations, defines precision marketing, explains its importance for financial marketers, shares results, and provides recommendations for selecting a potential partner. Watch to learn how precision marketing leverages first- and third-party data to help you serve the right content to the right people in the right place at the right time.


Beat the odds and successfully achieve marketing transformation objectives by starting with an opportunity assessment.

Well-intentioned efforts often get derailed due to poor planning or lack of proper resources to effectively complete each critical step, from research to strategy to execution. In this video, Joe Holmes, Tag's Chief Growth Officer for the Americas, describes barriers to successful marketing transformation and shares how an external opportunity assessment analyzes quantitative and qualitative data to identify opportunities for growth and delivers a strategy to reach your growth targets.

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