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Nubiz is a division of Wreaks Media that focuses on providing compelling marketing conferences and workshops for media, agency and brand-side executives across a wide variety of verticals, including financial, fin-tech, entertainment, luxury, education, healthcare, tech, pharma, professional services, etc. Nubiz hosts conferences and workshops in New York, Los Angeles, Seattle and Miami.  For more information: (


Wreaks Media also leads the Gramercy Institute.  Gramercy Institute was founded in 2002, and has grown to be a leading think tank servicing the intellectual needs of senior marketers from the world’s top financial brands. GI includes a membership of over thirty four leading world financial brands and hosts over 20 “forums” each year in eight world financial capitals (Boston, Chicago Hong Kong, London, NYC, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Toronto). Also, the Gramercy Institute honors excellence in financial services marketing through three distinct award programs: Gramercy Financial Marketing Strategy Awards (now in its 14th year), 20 Rising Stars in Financial Marketing, and 20 Most Valuable Partners in Financial Marketing. For more information: (


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